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    1. Chocolate lollipops

    Ok so if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll have seen that I love Valentine’s. I made these last year but I decided to try and jazz them up a bit. I saw this idea on pinterest and HAD to try em!

    Last year I just made chocolates, but this year I’m actually using the mould how you are meant to and made lollipops!! I have no idea but I was super excited about it!

    Lets get into this!

    You will need: 500g of chocolate (I chose white chocolate)

                               Sprinkles of your choice

                               A lollipop mould. (I have a lips one that I bought especially for Valentine’s last year) You can get them in most baking shops.

                               Lollipop stick things



    Just melt the chocolate until its melted and smooth. This can take a while, but do it slow and steady as if you do it too quick it goes all funny. While thats melting get your mould ready! This is when I added some sprinkles at the bottom of the mould and then added in the sticks. 


    Once I was happy with the texture of the chocolate I used a tea spoon to add the chocolate in. I tried to knock out the air by tapping it on the counter lightly and then lashed them in the freezer.

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