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Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer


So I’ve been using the bourjois primer for over a week now.

I love love love primers, I have a very uneven skintone and with my acne and pigmentation I find primers great! I try to use my hands as little as possible when applying makeup, primer is no different. 

I tend to use my Sigma F60 for primers.

I really liked this primer. It made my skin feel soft and even and the smell is not very strong, which I like. I do think using your fingers to apply this would be best as with the brush I found it sort of flaked. The big positives for me are that it’s Non-pore blocking, has an oil-free formula, and is Enriched with wild azalea extract to protect cells’ youth. 

The downside for me is how small it is. It’s only 7ml, for someone who uses primer everyday I would hope for a bigger jar.

Over all I found it good and would use it again.

Link below to the bourjois web site for this product.

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