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Bourjois Delice de poudre DUO

I was dying for this product to come out, I thought the idea of it was great! A bronzer and highlighter all in one, perfect! But I have to say I’m not 100%, I do love the idea of it but I’m not sold on the product.

I find the consistency of the bronzer a bit different to the “original”, which I loved, so I think this dissented me from the start and there was just no shaking it. Like to be fair it does a fine job and is still in my top 5 bronzers list but it just fell a little short.
As for the highlight I think this is perfect for everyday, even is it is a little difficult to get a substantial amount on a brush, but for day time, for me, less is more so again its good.
Bourjois Delice
I think my expectations may have been a little high. It has many positive, the sleek packaging, the smell is amazing, and the bronzer blends very well and is buildable, I would start off light as if you pack it on it is difficult to blend.
All in all I would suggest giving it a try and see what you think yourself. It’s a great started product as the price isn’t that bad and you get to try out two types of products.

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