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Bourjois Rose Exclusif


I’m not a huge fan of lip stuff. I love balms and things like that but only in the last year have I gotten into glosses and I’m still unsure about whether I like lipstick on me of not. 

Anyway I was pottering about boots, as you do, and was picking up a few bits and spotted this…


Rose Exclusif by Bourjois. It’s a transparent lipgloss that self-adjusts into a unique personal shade of pink.

Sure I couldn’t pass that bye.

I thought the idea of it was very interesting and I thought to myself well sure I have trouble picking colours that suit me, why not get a product that does it for me. So far I really like it. With all bourjois products I love the smell and am never offended by the packaging, and this product is not different. It has a very sweet pleasant smell and I actually really like what they’ve done with the colouring on the packaging.

Now for the product. My first impressions were good I liked the applicator and how the gloss felt when applied. It was an odd consistency

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