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Super Last Minute Halloween Bake Ideas |


So you’ve decided to have a Halloween party at the last and now your up shit creek with no paddle! We’ll I’ve got you covered!

So lets start with decorations. Its’s too late know to go art college on it so pop to your local pound shop and get yourself some web, the one I got was called Scary Spiders Web and it came in green and white. You’ll also need some thumb tacs, mine are rose gold but a matching colour of the web would be best!



Now all you have to do is go mental with it! The best thing about this is you can really streach it out so one pack goes a long way! I’d go for any corners, where spiders like to be, and then just go mad.

I shouldn’t need to mention this, but you will clearly need pumpkins…


I will always have some sort of food so I decided to add the webbing around the table. I loved how it turned out and would highly recommend you try it! Continue Reading

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Boutique Bake

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I enjoy backing. You will also see that I have become obsessed with an Irish company called Boutique Bake. It was created by best friends Catherine and Suzanne who are from Dublin. They use only the finest, honest ingredients and don’t add any crap. I spotted their products in my local super valu, I was very taken with their packaging and once I saw it was made in Ireland, and even better Dublin I was on it like a fly on shit!ollow me on Instagram you will know I enjoy backing. You will also see that I have become obsessed 


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