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Get Up & Glow Palette || Barry M


I’ve really got into Palettes over the past while! Don’t get me wrong I still like singles, but I think for me palettes is the way forward. Over the past year I’ve been using, and loving, the Barry M Get Up & Glow Bronzer, Blusher & Highlighter Palette.


Like most palettes you will use, there will be things you will use more than others, sorry to tell you but that’s just how it goes with things like this. I’ve hit the pan in three sections and the other two look untouched to be honest.


The palette is made up of a very light weight cardboard with five pans set it. Not the most luxe, but fine in my opinion.

If you’re like me and often carry around the kitchen sink this can be a plus as its super light and compact. Also might be a good one to consider for the jet setters among you! Once you open it, inside you have five sections, a larger section for bronzer, and four equal sized sections for blusher and highlight. Three of these being blusher, and one of those being highlight. There’s also a large mirror, its not great quality, but fine if you’re just touching up. Smell wise its not great, doesn’t smell of much really other then cardboard.




As you can see I shied away from the brighter blush and mainly used the very light pastel pink shade. I did use the others a bit but more often than not I tended to mix them with the lighter shade to soften them out.

The colour options are nice, just not for me. I tend to go for more of a mauve type shade or really soft peachy pinks, these are just a bit too bright for me nowadays. The bronzer and highlight got the most use, although I will mention that tapping off and dabbing off excess product is essential with this palette as the powder is quite a chalky  and the pigmentation is high. It’s easy to blend it you take this step, otherwise it could be a bit tricky.

Overall I enjoyed the palette and would recommend it if you are looking for something that does what is says on the tin and is cheap and cheerful. If I had my way and the palette could be remade I think I would have the bronzer and highlight in the big size and just offer two blusher option. 

Click HERE is you want to see the rest of my video.



That’s How I Roll Mascara || Barry M


Mascara is the bane of my life!! I’ve been searching for my ride or die for years! Over this time I have found many, but every time they become discontinued. Its one of the most frustrating things!

I’m yet to find my latest ride or die, but never the less I’m here to chat about yet another mascara!

Barry M is one of my favourite drugstore brands. I adore their nail paint and have dipped in and out of a few other products. I’m a sucker for their packaging and their mascara packaging always speaks to me. This time was no different.

You would never think it, but purple is my favourite colour! So even though there are a good few to choose from the purple one was the 1st one I went for (there was no rose gold one at this stage). 


There were no testers so I had no idea what the wond would be like, but was pleasantly surprised! It has what I can a hedgehog wond. Meaning it’s stiff with largish stiff bristles. I find this style easier to manage and gives my lashes more definition. 

This wand is actually quite cool, its kinda double sided. It has a “normal” side and a shorter side. I know that sounds so odd, but its actually quite useful. I use the “normal” side on my top lashes and the shorter side for my bottom lashes.




The mascara itself is fine, really good actually. It applies to the lashes well, coats them, lengthens them, but it is a small bit clumpy when I apply it fast.  The wear is great too! It lasts AMAZINGLY well all day with absolutely no smudging. I’ve also had quite an emotional few months and spent most days crying and it doesn’t budge. I do find it a bit heavy on the lashes though and it is (for me) a nightmare to get off no matter what I use! Its there days later and I’ve hurt my eye trying to scrub it off!


There are a number of positives about this mascara that will defiantly have me reaching for it again, but due to the heaviness on the lashes and the fact I can’t get it off it’s not my ride of die, so my search continues.  

Gelly Hi Shine Lip Crayon || Barry M


Since 2014 I’ve become obsessed with lippie, so much so that some might even say it’s my signature look, and that I have a problem…

As you probably know over Christmas last year I loved the Barry M Lip Crayon, but really wasn’t impressed with the packaging. I’m terrible like that, I could love a product and if the packaging is crap I just can’t get past it.

I’d been eyeing up the Gelly Hi Shine crayons for a while, but for some reason never took the plunge. In January the plunge was taken and I was not disappointed.


From the first application I was in love! The scent… we need to talk about the scent. It’s like sweets and chocolate and all the good stuff!! As a sugar monster I couldn’t resist. Currently I only have two shades I’m not going to lie I have no idea which ones they are coz it’s not written on them. Continue Reading

Eye Define Waterproof Liquid Liner || Barry M


Liner. Who can live without it? I for one can not. I’ve been trying any testing a number over the past few months, but first on the hit list is Barry M Eye Define Waterproof Liquid Liner. As we know I wear liner all day everyday, I recently ask my friends and family about my signature style and most mentioned a winged liner. As we know by now when I’m looking for makeup I need it to be quick and easy, no fuss, no mess, just lash it on and done!! Thats why for everyday wear I choose a gel liner.  Continue Reading

Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint 2016 S/S Collection || Barry M


I think I’ll end up saying this every time I talk about nail varnish, but it’s a big(ish) part of my life! I don’t usually feel complete without my tan on and my nails done. I also think because of the job I’m in, for me, it’s important to have my nails done. When I look for a nail varnish, I tend to look for colour. Most of the time I stay safe and go for nudes or darker shades but, as it’s getting into summer I’m drawn to the bright and the bold! 

You should know by now that I’m all about the Barry M nail paint, all of them to be honest but, most of all the SunSet range. A two-step system where you apply the nail the colour and then the special SunSet top coat that helps the colour to cure in the daylight. When they brought out the Spring collection I was eager to try them and see if I could handle a bit of colour on my tips… Continue Reading

Matte Me Up Lip Crayon || Barry M


Lippie is a new found love of mine. I used to only wear glosses or balms and when I did start buying lip stick I usually went for a nude but in one of my many jobs one of the girls had similar colouring to me and always had an array of statement lip colours. I was sold! I began dabbling in colour and the rest is history.


Over the Christmas I was all about the red lip of course. I couldn’t get enough of it. The one I kept reaching for was this Barry M Lip Crayon in Red. I have another colour, a pink, but it’s not for me. I have to be very careful about what pinks I wear and they just look CRAZY… so long story short this pink shade number 2 is not for me but, the red shade number 5 , I’m LOVING. This shade is a classic red so it will work for so many colourings. It was one I reached for most over the Christmas period because of its shade, it’s the perfect Christmas red! Continue Reading

Sunset Nail Paint || Barry M


I’m OBSESSED with Barry M nail varnish. I have too many to be honest but I just love love love them. When I’m working I can only wear natural colours so as I haven’t been working the last few months I’ve gone a bit mad for the colours, the brighter the better. 

Anyway in saying that the ones I’m reviewing I specifically got for work so I chose colours that would be appropriate. I intend to get them all but these are a good starter bunch. The colours I chose are a lovely pale cream/pink called “Like a Nude” and a wine colour called “Fuchsia Generation” and last but most importantly I got the Top Coat! This is super important if you want your Sunset nails to last! Do note though that the range is specially made for each other so apparently the topcoat won’t work with any other range.

Continue Reading