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Barry M Beauty Mascara

That’s How I Roll Mascara || Barry M


Mascara is the bane of my life!! I’ve been searching for my ride or die for years! Over this time I have found many, but every time they become discontinued. Its one of the most frustrating things!

I’m yet to find my latest ride or die, but never the less I’m here to chat about yet another mascara!

Barry M is one of my favourite drugstore brands. I adore their nail paint and have dipped in and out of a few other products. I’m a sucker for their packaging and their mascara packaging always speaks to me. This time was no different.

You would never think it, but purple is my favourite colour! So even though there are a good few to choose from the purple one was the 1st one I went for (there was no rose gold one at this stage). 


There were no testers so I had no idea what the wond would be like, but was pleasantly surprised! It has what I can a hedgehog wond. Meaning it’s stiff with largish stiff bristles. I find this style easier to manage and gives my lashes more definition. 

This wand is actually quite cool, its kinda double sided. It has a “normal” side and a shorter side. I know that sounds so odd, but its actually quite useful. I use the “normal” side on my top lashes and the shorter side for my bottom lashes.




The mascara itself is fine, really good actually. It applies to the lashes well, coats them, lengthens them, but it is a small bit clumpy when I apply it fast.  The wear is great too! It lasts AMAZINGLY well all day with absolutely no smudging. I’ve also had quite an emotional few months and spent most days crying and it doesn’t budge. I do find it a bit heavy on the lashes though and it is (for me) a nightmare to get off no matter what I use! Its there days later and I’ve hurt my eye trying to scrub it off!


There are a number of positives about this mascara that will defiantly have me reaching for it again, but due to the heaviness on the lashes and the fact I can’t get it off it’s not my ride of die, so my search continues.  

Beauty Eyeshadow Mac Cosmetics

My Mac Eyeshadow Collection ||


Mac cosmetics is one of my rid or die brands, but over the past few of years I’ve been all about drug store brands.

We move out in a couple of months and I’ve been going through all my stuff as much as possible.

I decided to go through all my mac eyeshadows and build the best possible palette. The fist step is to use up the ones I don’t love.

I’ll take you on my journey of rediscovery. I’m rather excited about this process actually.






I tried my very best to get photos with a really good colour match, so sorry if you are a bit disappointed with that.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my collection and I’d Love Love Love some pointers or suggestions on some of the shades that might enhance my current collection.

Sarah xo 



Beauty Blush Sleek

Blush Powders || Sleek MakeUp


Blush is something I was always told from a young age that a lady should always have. A slight flushed cheek, some lip gloss, mascara and you were set. Unfortunately I never quite got the whole less is more with blusher so I always ended up lashing it on and looking like bloody Rosie from Rosie and Jim. Long story short after getting a few too many hurtful comments about it I decided blush was only for old ladies.

Fast forward many year later and to a face full of adult acne, blusher became my trusted companion to help mask the fact that I had, well, caked my face in make- up, so it was just something I felt like I needed to help give my face dimension. I could just never get it right! Well actually most things to do with make-up I struggled with the first few years to be honest!

I’ve been thought sooo many colours and brands, but I think I’ve finally got the hang of it. Not only is less more, but after watching like 100 YouTube videos I have also realised that blushes can enhance or clash with a look.

I’d been trying out sleek products for a good while and came across an online exclusive on boots called “Sleek MakeUp Palette Gift Set“. The thing I was least bothered about was the blush. When it did arrive I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the blush! And after using it I invested in two other shades!



The colour that arrived in the set was a colour I’d never associate with blush to be honest. It’s called antique and it was this amazing warm nude brown shade with a shimmer. I tend to use this is the winter time more and then in the summer as a contour shade! Two for the price of one!! 

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the shade Rose Gold, I don’t think I need to say why, you’ve seen my Pinterest account.

And I have no idea why, but I decided I needed Life’s a Peach… It’s this super peach colour that I can only wear very VERY sparingly and in the summer, any other time and it feels wrong. It does look good with a coral lip though, I went through a phase there in the summer of only wearing a coral lip so it was only right to have a matching cheek. Ha Ha!!


Beauty Contour & Highlight NYX

Highlight & Contour Pro Palette || NYX


How did we live without contouring?? I literally have no idea!! Thinking back I just must have looked like a right eejit with just my face caked in makeup and little or no definition. Oh the shame!!

Over the years I’ve tried many, but I think I’ve finally found my ride or die! I bought this NYX palette AAAAGGGGEEES ago, but for some reason didn’t start using it until last month. Ever since I’ve been asking myself how I’ve lived without it! Now let’s be honest, I’m no contouring expert. I’m just going on what I like the look of on my face.




I’m not going to lie, I don’t love every single thing in this palette. I like em’, but I wouldn’t use everything daily! The four I have been using all day every day are, HCPS01 which is ice queen highlight, HCPs03 which is called cream, but it’s very similar to the banana powder which I love!! HCPS06 which is toffee and last but not least HCPS07 which is Sculpt. The others are great too I just don’t reach for them as much! They would be more an “evening” look and as I’m trying to save like a mad thing, which of course isn’t working out coz I’m a spendaholic, I’m not out that often any more.

I use Cream as a cream concealer “setter”, meaning after I use my concealers I lightly powder those ares with this shade. I use Toffee as an “overall” bronzer and then go in with Sculpt as my contour shade. These shades just really suit my skin tone and look great when I have tan on. I just love the effect, it can be as harsh or a subtle as I like depending on how much product I use and how much blending I do… and of course ice queen highlight, it doesn’t look like much in the palette, but on the skin, oh baby. It’s just so nice on the skin, it has got that subtle pearlescence. On a night out it’s stunning, I’d say it could be seen from space. I do wear it daily, I just tend to apply it very sparingly.



I find the powders a small bit heavy, I actually like a finer formula, BUT I’m an oily mess so it tends to work out better if its a bit heavier. I can get away with a finer formula on nights out or events, but for all day work wear I need it to last so a heavier powder works best for that. As always, less is more! No one wants cake face… Unless your going for that “look”?? 

I can’t recommend these products enough! I just think they are so well priced, great quality and fun. The thing I like best is that the products can be swapped about. Once I use one section up I can replace it or double up or even get a blush to add in, the options are endless! I haven’t tried the new NYX blush so I think once I use up one of these sections, one of those is next on the aul hit list! I can’t wait to mix it up and make myself a highligh, contour and blush palette.

Any advice on what blush to try?? Leave me a comment down below xo

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel and I’m always on Twitter so pop over and say HEEEEYYYY!! 


Beauty Drugstore Eyeshadow Seventeen

EYE eye shadow singles || Seventeen


Eyeshadow oh how I love them. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for, but like everything, there are always exception to the rule. 

I’d tried a few Seventeen products before and thought they weren’t bad so when I saw the shade Walnut Pearl ( a Copper Colour) I talked myself into needing to try these. For the blog of course. I ended up with four, Walnut Pearl, Statuesque, Black and Funfair. I got them to use as more of an all over the lid colour. Something I can lash on when I’m in a rushing out the door and still look I made an effort. You know my usual lazy girl shit!


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Barry M Beauty Drugstore Lip Product

Gelly Hi Shine Lip Crayon || Barry M


Since 2014 I’ve become obsessed with lippie, so much so that some might even say it’s my signature look, and that I have a problem…

As you probably know over Christmas last year I loved the Barry M Lip Crayon, but really wasn’t impressed with the packaging. I’m terrible like that, I could love a product and if the packaging is crap I just can’t get past it.

I’d been eyeing up the Gelly Hi Shine crayons for a while, but for some reason never took the plunge. In January the plunge was taken and I was not disappointed.


From the first application I was in love! The scent… we need to talk about the scent. It’s like sweets and chocolate and all the good stuff!! As a sugar monster I couldn’t resist. Currently I only have two shades I’m not going to lie I have no idea which ones they are coz it’s not written on them. Continue Reading

Beauty Lip Product Liquid Lipstick Revlon

Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour || Revlon


So it’s official, I’m obsessed with lip colour! Today is yet another lip product review. I was wandering about Boots as I usually do on my lunch and told myself I could treat myself to one new product. I’ve been playing it quite safe with all my staple products so I seem to be buying up a shit load of lip products, like a stupid amount!

One of the brands I come back to for foundation for all the time is Revlon. It never lets me down. So I thought to myself, why not try a few other products. Well obviously there is LOADS to choose from, but I was drawn to the Untra HD Matte Lipcolours. I really liked the shape of the packaging if I’m being honest, I also am all about the matte lip products and it was a number of months ago when EVERYONE and thier mother was talking about liquid lip colours. So of course the sheep that I am bought one! As I was restricting myself to only getting one I wanted to get one that I could wear with any make-up look, I ended up going for this nude ish colour. 

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