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Hoola Bronzer || Benefit


Ok, so some of you may not know this, but I’m not a huge fan of Benefit. I have literally tried nothing of theirs if I’m being honest, but you know there are just some things where you are just like, “no, its not for me”.

Well Benefit was that for me!

Apparently my friends and family never knew this about me, so over the past while I’ve accumulated a number of products.

Today I’ll be chatting about the “Hoola” bonzer, a cult classic that many of my friends love!! I had the pleasure of receiving a mini/travel size one, if you know me you will know I LOVE travel size things, mini things, and anything that is a small version of something regular size. The bronzer must have seemed like a good idea coz I do love me a good bronzer!

I had heard good things about this product but wasn’t sure as I thought it was just hype.



For me the “mini” size is perfect. I can’t see myself using the larger one up, and I like a high turn over of my products as I’m very aware of things going off ( its a powder so this one technically doesn’t go off), and it just not being very hygienic to have things longer than six months to a year. That being said I do have a number of things that DEFO need the bin but I just can’t part with them.

I tend to use this as a contour as opposed to an over all bronzer. I think with my colouring it works really well for that, otherwise I can just look a bit dirty. I use it sparingly and blend like a MOFO. It builds up well so for a night out you can have a strong contour with it. Continue Reading

Beauty Bronzer Highlight

COLLECTION Contour Kit Highlight & Sculpt


First off I just wana say Happy Paddy’s Day. I’ll be all over snapchat (magpiemagpieirl) and instagram (Magpie_ _Magpie) I’m sure so pop over and say hi, but for now, back to the post. 🙂 

We all need a bit of contouring in our lives! I need it in bucket loads, no cheekbones ye see. So I Love me a good contour palette. I love it even more when it’s a good price. Collection has really stepped their game up over the past year and yet the price has remained cheap as chips. This palette comes in under £5.




I always like it when products are coupled together. Bronzer and highlight in one sleek neat kit, winner winner chicken dinner.

Let’s talk the bronzer, it’s a lovely mid tone bronze, not too cool not too worm and its matte, I do love me a shimmer bronzer but you can’t go wrong with a good matte as it means it suits a wide range of skin tones. The pigmentation is very good, very buildable and it blends beautifully. Continue Reading

Beauty Bronzer Drugstore

Revlon Bronze Glow 030


I’ve been going through all my make-up over the past few months. Slowly I’m trying to get through what should stay and what should go. I came across this Revlon Bronze Glow bronzer and thought to myself i must try this out again. Over the past two year I think i have finally mastered the art of contouring, note I said think!, and have realised that I was using this product all wrong. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I was young and foolish so cut me a fucking break OK!!! It’s not the right type of product at all to be using as a contour, so as its summer and sure we all love a good summer bronze glow so I popped it open and dusted it where a bronzer should go.


As its a brick it has four bronze shimmer tones and a white highlight shade at the top. I tend to grab my sigma F40 Large Angled Contour and use it to mix the four bronze shade together. I don’t like the look it gives if i mix in the white shade, feel like a bit of a disco ball. tap off the access product from my brush then lightly bust the product over my temples, cheekbones and hair line. It warms up my skin beautifully! 

Then comes that white highlight I’ve been avoiding… Well no more. I place this on the tops of my cheekbones, down the centre of my nose under my brow bone and on my cupids bow. I do this with my finger and then blend it out with my Blank Canvas F40 and sweet Jesus I don’t know how I lived my life with out it! In the image above I didn’t quite catch the highlight on my cheekbones, but believe me, it’s there! I then also added a contour to my cheekbones which was matte and more suited for contouring!


This product is a beautiful one! I would for sure consider buying more products like this one, now that I know what to do with them ha ha! I think they have a peach toned one and I will for sure be trying that out at some stage! I got mine in boots, I usually go when its 3 for 2 as it makes more sense for me. Its comes in about a 10er which I think is a grand oul price.



My Original post can be viewed below:

I’m a huge fan of contouring, I’m not sure I’ve mastered it just yet but I’m getting there!!The past few weeks I’ve been using the Revlon Highlighting Palette (030 Bronze Glow).

When applying this I tend to use my Sigma F40. I do also have another angled contour brush that I have no idea where it came from… it’s a KCO brush and I love it! I found their website but this brush doesn’t seem to be on there. 🙁

The look of the pallet is very similar to the bobbi brown shimmer brick. The Revlon has two colours, a bronzer: Bronze Glow and a blusher: Rose Glow. As a magpie I should love this because it’s super shimmery but for me there’s a bit too much micro glitter in these products. I think for the blush its fab but for a bronzer, for me, it’s a bit ott. In saying that, I found it lovely to use, they blend reasonably well, with buildable colour and the texture it very light and well… powdery. 

Over all I wouldn’t use it again myself but I would recommend it to a friend.