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Basic Bitch Daily Essentials Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Shampoo & Conditioner ||


We all need some basics in our cardinal and I’ve always said I’m keen to chat with you guys more about my “basic bitch” must haves, so here we go!

First off let me chat you through how I came across this brand. I was on the market for some new shampoo and had no idea where to start. After doing a bit of online research, I got totally overwhelmed by the info so off to Boots I went.

It wasn’t long after quickly scanning the shelves that I noticed chocolate, nothing else mind you, just the words chocolate. Sold!

Alas it was not meant to be as these products didn’t mix well with my hair and I have to say I was devo! So devo that I put it up on my insta stories.

A few hours later and the company got in touch offering to send me replacements, eh winning! I was shocked and so impressed by their genuine want to help me find the perfect products. After a few questions from the Lee Stafford team about my hair I was told a package would be on route.

It didn’t disappoint. My hair has oily roots and for some reason, hates cream products. I actually have a real thing about cream products in general, they just don’t do it for me. Obviously if they smell like chocolate I’ll be blinded by the want ha ha, but usually I steer clear.

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Daily Essentials Drugstore EyeLiner

L’Oreal Super Liner So Couture


If someone was to ask me what beauty product I could not live without I think my answer would be eyeliner. My ride or die liner for the past couple of years has been the Wet n’ Wild Mega liner in dark brown, but times have changed and I’ve found a new love.

I know I can’t believe it either. If you know me I think you’ll be shocked by the type of eyeliner too. I’m all about the brush applicator, the liquid consistency and last but propably most importantly, it HAS to be quick and easy to use. The Wet ‘n Wild liner provides all 3 and to be honest has had no competition up until now… Enter L’Oreal So Couture liner.


This little beauty is a now must have for me and I hate to say it but has now replaced my beloved Wet ‘n Wild. Lets talk why. First off I need to point out that the applicator is misleading. I thought it was a felt tip style but on closer inspection it is more brush like, box one ticked. Because of this brush style applicator the application of the liner comes out very freely and inky almost, box two ticked. As with all my ride or die products how easy it is to apply, rectify and usability of the product in a speedy manner is what I’m all about. Like I’m a busy girl… who likes sleeping so getting out that door on time looking put together is key.


I find that because of this type of applicator there’s less mess. It holds just the right amount of product. I find some of the liquid liners hold a lot of product. The dip in ones like the wet n wild can be the worst, and the felt tip ones, in my opinion, are stiff, hard and hardly any product comes out. I literally feel like its like dragging a HB pencil over my lid.

This L’Oreal liner just has the perfect combination for me. Its tickes all the boxes. Like with everything in life nothing is perfect so I do have two complaints. It seemed to run out / dry up very quick in comparison to the wet n wild and the one i have isn’t brown. To be fair I’ve no idea if it come in brown or not, but at the moment I am only awear that it comes in black.


I think this would be a really good liner for a beginner, not only because its easy to use but its very accessible and the price if rather keen too coming in at £££. (No ideal of the price)

So I just went to get it and it looks like its been taken off the market, of course coz i love it and need it in my life. ill email then and see what their response is. ill leave a comment down below. xo

Barry M Beauty Daily Essentials EyeLiner

Eye Define Waterproof Liquid Liner || Barry M


Liner. Who can live without it? I for one can not. I’ve been trying any testing a number over the past few months, but first on the hit list is Barry M Eye Define Waterproof Liquid Liner. As we know I wear liner all day everyday, I recently ask my friends and family about my signature style and most mentioned a winged liner. As we know by now when I’m looking for makeup I need it to be quick and easy, no fuss, no mess, just lash it on and done!! Thats why for everyday wear I choose a gel liner.  Continue Reading

Basics Beauty Daily Essentials

Herbal Essences Tealicious Fresh Balance


So another one for the basics. We all need shampoo right?! The last month I’ve been using Herbal Essences Tealicious Fresh Balance, I have been using this brand for year, and love it. I usually stick to the same type but as I’ve now decided to blog about basic cosmetics a bit, I’ve decided to try a few different things. Most considered same same but different.

Anyway as I was saying I’ve been using this new shampoo for the last month. I’m not sure how I feel about it. It technically has everything I want in a shampoo; it smells nice, it’s a gel type as opposed to a cream, it has good lather and it does what shampoo is meant to: it cleans my hair.

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Beauty Daily Essentials Vegan

Original Source Shower Gel


 I’ve decided to get back to badics with this blog post. I’ve been thinking to myself recently that I really need to cut down on my wasteful buying and really build up my loyalty with brands.

A brand that I ADORE is Original Source! I have used there shower gels for years and have no idea why I have not done a blog post on it. 

I love all their scents but my all time fav is the raspberry and vanilla! MMMMMMM!!

VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W


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Beauty Daily Essentials Drugstore

Argan Oil Shower Cream


I thought I’d start reviewing everyday things I use and love.

No better place to start then shower stuff! We all need it! I have used the Argan Oil shampoo and really like it so I said sure why not try out the shower cream.

The smell is kinda odd… not in a bad way but I usually go for things that a very strong fruity smelling and this is very mild and smells of… argan oil I suppose.


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Beauty Daily Essentials Drugstore

Argan Oil Shampoo

I’m not a great lover of my hair, I can never do anything with it and to be honest it’s lucky if it gets a brush… But in saying that my hair is rather fussy about shampoo, it hates those really creamy ones, the ones that seem to just cote the hair and makes it look very greasy. I find I tend to just stick the the same kind of shampoo, but I’m working on this!
The latest shampoo I’ve been trying is Argan Oil Shampoo. I have used every last drop of it and now am 100% sure that I and my hair like it.