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Longueville Manor Tennerfest Jersey CI |


One of the great things about this Island is the food. We have some great resturaunts that serve up some amazing dishes. So when Tennerfest time is about I’m keen to try a few new places, and book in to eat at the places I can’t always afford to go to.

My Mum usually tries to come over at this time of year, but alas Aerlingus have changed their schedule and now there is no direct flights from Ireland so I’ll have to do this Tennerfest without her this year.

I’ll be heading here with Gillian so you know its one of the more expensive ones. I’ve never been to Longueville Manor before, but since moving here I’ve heard lots about it. Mostly about the good food. 

The Hotel itself is kinda old school, but in the best way. Cosy, welcoming and lush. On arrival we were greeted at the door by who I assume was the host. He knew all about our booking and informed us that some of our party had arrived and were waiting in the lounge area. It was a beautiful day, so he mentioned that their were some seats available by the pool area. I was so pleased it was a nice day because the pool area is divine! We had a few drinks out by the pool, and once our full party had arrived we were informed when we were ready our table was available.

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15 Day Vegan Challenge


Vegan seems to be the new black. Anyone else have the same opinion? Every Wednesday and Sunday,  well I say EVERY and we all know that’s an exaggeration… but anyway, I go to a gym type class where I met a fellow blogger. I was very excited about this as I had a good few bloggers I interacted with at home, but none here.

Haley has a fashion blog called JerseyUndressed, but like me often writes about a number of things. Going Vegan being one of them. She’s very excited about it all. I myself would never have thought about going vegan, even my friend Mel snapchatted me and said “You, Vegan?! But you love the sausage ha ha” (sexual innuendo intended I’m sure) funny coz its true! But I was keen to make a friend and if they could be a blogger friend, I’d give up my beloved sausage. 🙂 Continue Reading

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Boutique Bake

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I enjoy backing. You will also see that I have become obsessed with an Irish company called Boutique Bake. It was created by best friends Catherine and Suzanne who are from Dublin. They use only the finest, honest ingredients and don’t add any crap. I spotted their products in my local super valu, I was very taken with their packaging and once I saw it was made in Ireland, and even better Dublin I was on it like a fly on shit!ollow me on Instagram you will know I enjoy backing. You will also see that I have become obsessed 


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