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Lauryn Rose Distinct Collection


Hi Guys,

So I decided to add a few more bits of info into this post as I felt like I rushed it a bit and put a bit too much pressure on myself as I was doing a jewellery review so it didn’t flow as well as usual.

I have a ball coming up soon (It was a great night) and really wanted some statement jewellery to wear not only on the night but something that I would reach for time and time again. I scoured the internet and kept coming back to Lauryn Rose. They are an Irish Jewellery company who sell online.


I had a hard time choosing what jewellery to get as I love LOADS of the pieces but I kept coming back to one ring that I knew I would wear again and again. As a matter of fact I’d been lusting after that ring since I first laid eyes on the website, I kept thinking to myself that one or two other “sets” might have been a better match for my dress as it was navy but, I just couldn’t shake the WANT for that ring. So long story short I added the ring to my basket. My dress had long sleeve and a high neck so a ring was the instant choice. I adore big chunky knuckle duster rings so this one was right up my street. I also love to match my jewellery, well actually I love to match everything if I’m being honest but at this stage I’m sure you know that. ha ha. So of course I searched for the matching earrings, I’m not usually a huge fan of a drop earring as I think it usually gets lost in my hair (I have funny ears so I NEVER wear my hair up on a night out) but as these were really chunky I thought I could get away with it, and I just loved them so I wanted to make it work. I found the perfect match and added them to the basket. The ring was €69 and the earrings were €99, which I thought was a really good keen price for the fact that its sterling silver, with rose gold plating and set with stones. At the time it happened to be around Mother’s Day so there was a discount code. I follow a lot of jewellery designers on social media which I find great as they usually promote discount codes on there so there’s a little tip for ye! I think I got maybe 20% off, so I was happy out! Continue Reading

Cocoa Brown Tan


It’s finally happening!!! For over a year I’ve been saying I’m going to start doing tan reviews, I have yet to do about a 1 hour self tan! Today it is happening!!

I’m a HUGE fan on tan, I’m blue I’m so white so I love love love a bronze glow! I wear tan almost every day so its cray cray that I have not reviewed any yet. The tan I’ve been favouring for a long time has to be Cocoa Brown tan! I’m sure everyone and their mother has spoken about it but I’ve finally decided to throw my two cents in!


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Hi all,

Are you following me on  instagram?? If so check out my giveaway!! Lots of great things that I love and couldn’t live without!! All details of how to enter and the closing date are on my instagram.


Reflexology at Nautilus


I’ve been meaning to write this review for a long time! I’ve been distracted by all the make-up, so today we are doing it! We are chatting about something a little bit different this week.

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Pretty Mya Accessory & Beauty Boutique.


I’ve recently been introduced to a NEW online boutique called Pretty Mya. They are an online accessories and beauty boutique who are Irish. I had a look at their twitter page and just loved their little bio “for all things beautiful bright and sparkly”, at the time they didn’t have much up on twitter but I knew I needed everything! They feel, “You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination’- Roman Payne. This quote says it all really, at Pretty Mya we strive to bring to life our love of beauty and accessories, we search near and far to find and to bring to you beautiful pieces and amazing products. From the daydream of the fashion and beauty pages to your door with the click of a button.”


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I’ve been Nominated for the Liebster Award!!!


Hi guys,

So if you can believe it, I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award, by the beauty that is Aine. You should check out the blog, she relatively new to the blogosphere but she is flying it! I actually couldn’t believe it… I was shocked, in a really good way. I’ve been struggling with my blog, and my life, the last month so it was great to get something positive thrown at me!


Here’s a bit about the Liebster Award for those of you who haven’t hear of it. Basically you have to link and follow the person that has nominated you, they will have questions for you to answer, in a post you have to answer the questions, then you nominate 11 others and come up with your own questions for them to answer. Aine’s were good so I might have to steal a few!!

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ITWBN Bloggers Event

You have heard how I got myself ready for the Into The West Bloggers Networking now hear how I got on…
As it was my first ever bloggers event I didn’t really know what to expect. The event itself is created by two amazing Irish blogger Sinéad and Saibh so I knew it would be good, but I had no clue who would be there, what the talks would be about and what the room would look like. 
The location was Galway in the Radisson Blu hotel. It was the perfect spot as we just got off the bus and walked about 5mins and was there, that was especially good as the fog was ridiculous and you couldn’t see much so I didn’t want to be wondering around in that.
The event started at 1.30 and for the first time in my life I wasn’t nervous, I was awkward as F**K of course, as odd as it is to say out loud I’m not used to mixing with people in a social environment anymore. But there was no nerves, this may have been because I had connected with a few going on the bus through the ITWBN facebook page. I had met two lovely ladies Karine Keogh and Jen Morris on the bus and both were really chatty and we got on well so the time flew on the bus. On entering the event they had pink drinks (no idea what they were but they were delicious) and MACAROONS!!!! I love macaroons so I was happy out, I think I may have pushed people out of the way to get to them. Oops! The room was set up beautifully. There were different tables that had their own names and goodies every were!  I was at the Atherry Castle table.
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