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My Pandora Collection #1 – The Charm Bracelet


As you may know, I love Jewellery! No surprise there I’d say.

Over the next while I hope to incorporate this into my blog more and more! I have done a few posts in the past, but I hope to talk you through my collection over the coming months.

This week’s post is all about my Pandora charm bracelet collection. I plan on doing my ring and earring collection too, some will be longer than others. This week’s is VERY long, but hopefully an interesting read. So grab a cup of tea or coffee (and a biscuit or two) and enjoy!


I love Pandora. I think it’s a great brand and a great concept!

I love charm bracelets so when this new concept came out I was all over it! I actually started my Jewellery career in Pandora so I got the brain washing ( ha ha ), and the discount! Over the years I’ve created a beautiful collection that I’m really happy with. I do intent to add more of the Pandora Rose over the next while though.

Before we start, I will say that Pandora often discontinues items so what I have might not be available any longer. You might be able to get some of them in the discount stores, but I couldn’t be sure! Ok Let’s start!


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Daisy London Chakra Jewellery


Some of you may not know, but one of the reasons I started my blog (other than an outlet for my anxiety) was my love of jewellery. I have a real obsession with it. I just love everything about it. One day i hope to design my own jewellery range, but for the moment I’m happy buying some beautiful pieces from other companies.

Years ago when I lived in London i work in a small boutique that sold clothing and jewellery. I was fine at selling the clothes, but had a real gift at selling the jewellery! It was in this shop I first laid my eyes on Daisy London. As time went on I kept my eye on the brand, I was never really fussed about getting anything until they brought out their Chakra range. I was actually a bit miffed when it came out because at the time I was making my own range of chakra necklaces. Their design was completely different to mine of course, and much nicer so hence my annoyance. 


It’s now many moons later and I have finally treated myself to one. I follow most of the brands I like on social media, often they announce if they are going to be having a sale of when they have a promotion on, this is when I jumped at the chance. Its terrible really, ever since I set up that fucking pay pal account I haven’t saved a penny. any way… Continue Reading

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June Birthstone: Pearl


Pearl(s) is the birthstone for June. I love giving and receiving jewellery as a gift and as you may have noticed I adore gem stone and crystals, so birthstones are always a winner with me.

All that being said, Pearls are a fantastic thing to invest in no matter what the occasion. Whether its for a special occasion, a special birthday gift, your wedding day or even just a lux treat. They are a winner. They don’t necessarily hold their value, but as a piece to pass down to the next generation (as long as you look after them well) they are a beautiful choice.

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Lauryn Rose Distinct Collection


Hi Guys,

So I decided to add a few more bits of info into this post as I felt like I rushed it a bit and put a bit too much pressure on myself as I was doing a jewellery review so it didn’t flow as well as usual.

I have a ball coming up soon (It was a great night) and really wanted some statement jewellery to wear not only on the night but something that I would reach for time and time again. I scoured the internet and kept coming back to Lauryn Rose. They are an Irish Jewellery company who sell online.


I had a hard time choosing what jewellery to get as I love LOADS of the pieces but I kept coming back to one ring that I knew I would wear again and again. As a matter of fact I’d been lusting after that ring since I first laid eyes on the website, I kept thinking to myself that one or two other “sets” might have been a better match for my dress as it was navy but, I just couldn’t shake the WANT for that ring. So long story short I added the ring to my basket. My dress had long sleeve and a high neck so a ring was the instant choice. I adore big chunky knuckle duster rings so this one was right up my street. I also love to match my jewellery, well actually I love to match everything if I’m being honest but at this stage I’m sure you know that. ha ha. So of course I searched for the matching earrings, I’m not usually a huge fan of a drop earring as I think it usually gets lost in my hair (I have funny ears so I NEVER wear my hair up on a night out) but as these were really chunky I thought I could get away with it, and I just loved them so I wanted to make it work. I found the perfect match and added them to the basket. The ring was €69 and the earrings were €99, which I thought was a really good keen price for the fact that its sterling silver, with rose gold plating and set with stones. At the time it happened to be around Mother’s Day so there was a discount code. I follow a lot of jewellery designers on social media which I find great as they usually promote discount codes on there so there’s a little tip for ye! I think I got maybe 20% off, so I was happy out! Continue Reading

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Pretty Mya Accessory & Beauty Boutique.


I’ve recently been introduced to a NEW online boutique called Pretty Mya. They are an online accessories and beauty boutique who are Irish. I had a look at their twitter page and just loved their little bio “for all things beautiful bright and sparkly”, at the time they didn’t have much up on twitter but I knew I needed everything! They feel, “You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination’- Roman Payne. This quote says it all really, at Pretty Mya we strive to bring to life our love of beauty and accessories, we search near and far to find and to bring to you beautiful pieces and amazing products. From the daydream of the fashion and beauty pages to your door with the click of a button.”


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Juvi Jewellery Design


Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Juvi Designs sample sale at the Odessa roof to bar. As you can imagine I was very excited as I love their products and couldn’t wait to see their new items and bag a bargain!

For those of you who don’t know Juvi Designs is an Irish owned Jewellery Company set up in 2005 by husband and wife duo Julie (Interior Designer) and Vincent (Silversmith) Tynan.

They are inspired by natural elements, the vivid / warm colours. Their designs are classic and elegant using semi-precious stones and pearl, set in sterling silver and vermeil (gold plated).

Juvi DesignsVincent and Julie Tynan                     se7115gru

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Sizing a Pandora Snake Bracelet


Q. Can your Pandora snake bracelet be made smaller?

A. Yes!!


I’ve often been asked this question and knew that this was possible but never knew anyone that had it done or knew anyone that would be willing to do it.


I’ve found a place, Rocks Jewellers on Grafton St. It was super easy and the staff were very nice. I myself had a 20cm bracelet which was much too big for me after I’d lost weight so I decided to get it shortened. I was going on holidays and hadn’t been wearing my bracelet anyway, so for me it was the best time to do it.

I had been measured for a new Pandora bracelet and was suggested a size 18cm (which would probably stretch out a bit) so I decided to go with that size. I got 1cm taken from each side, this costs more and there is more work but I am all about the symmetry so I did it. It cost €30, half the price of buying a whole new one. I have to say was worth every penny.

Pandora Bracelet

(The Top Bracelet Is a Brand New Pandora, The Bottom One Is My Own)

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