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Five Podcasts you need to listen to!


I was recently given an iPhone by my sister, thanks Gilly. I’m actually not a huge fan of iPhones but my Samsung is getting old so the battery life isn’t great. Anyway long story short I’m starting to see the benifits of them!

I’ve been finding it hard to shut off so tended to listen to music but as my phone would power down quite quick I started using the iPhone more and more.

One day I remembered that Anna  & Lily, a couple of my favourite YouTubers, had a pod cast and got so excited about the fact that I could listen. Welcome the addition of podcasts and number one on my hit list.

1. At Home With…


I love watching Anna and Lily so I already feel like I have a connection. I was interested to see how they would translate to a podcast. It worked! It’s funny coz I love watching Anna a tiny bit more then Lily, but I thought Lily was great in the podcast! Its funny how that happens!

I enjoyed their guests too! I liked the idea of getting to know inside peoples home too! My favourite episode was Kate Johnsons, I follow her on everything so I was keen to hear her chatting in a casual friend zone.  

Once this podcast was over there was a small hole in my life. I was at a bit of a loss at to what to listen to. Then it got me. Narsasism. This personality treat has been in my life, my whole life , but last year I was ripped apart by it. Because of my own personality I tend to attract narcissistic people and I fall into the same traps over and over again. Research is a great way to get insight and some perspective. Enter my next podcast:

2. Understanding Today’s Narcissist.


This podcast is a bit heavy and hard going sometimes so unless you’re your actually interested in learning about how to deal with these types of people I’m not sure you’d be too interested in listening. I do think it’s important to know what types of people are out there, but I’m also a true believer in ignorance is bliss! I’ve found it super helpful and insightful. How Christine talk through each stage and trait, really breaks it down. She made it so simple to understand! Her podcast started in 2017 so there are quite a few to get stuck into. It does get SUPER heavy though so, enter my next podcast.

3. Estee Lalonde – The Heart Of It.


Who doesn’t love a bit of Estee?! I was very pleased with myself when I remembered she had a Podcast. I started listening to this around the time of my birthday. It was exactly what I needed! I found it so empowering and uplifting. She talks about her anxiety, beauty, feminism and much more.

I found her honest conversations a pleasure to listen to. If you haven’t listened already you must! You won’t regret it! 

I have no idea how I came across my next Podcast, but I’m glad I did. If you are anything like me you will love. Enter my next Podcast.

4. Self-Helpless .


This is a great one for making you realise that you might be wired, but its ok, we all are. Its great because there are so many of them they kinda chat over each other so it kinda feels like you are listening on a conversation that your not really apart of, but then are. Not sure that makes sense but if you listen you’ll know what I mean! 

They tale about everything, boob jobs, boyfriends, self-help books and much much more! If you are looking for a manic girly chat podcast this is the one for you!!  

After listening to these I was left thinking, “I wonder if there are any Irish people doing blogs, I’d love to hear a voice from home”. Enter my next Podcast.

4. The Furniture Crush.



How I found this Podcast was a gift from God himself (or herself). I’ve been following Joanne (Kyle Lane) on instagram for ages so when it popped up that she was starting a podcast I was like WHHAAAAT. I couldn’t wait! I think I may have harassed her a teeny tiny bit so I’d know exactly when her first ever podcast was going up!

I was so excited! It came at the best time ever. I have furniture project in mind and I was in dire need of hearing a friendly Irish voice. See, I told you, sent from GOD!!!!

If you are into furniture, it’s a no brainer, subscribe. If you wanna do a bit of home DIY, it’s a no brainer, subscribe. Her Podcast is pretty new so at the moment there is only two but I’m LOVING them!! I’m super excited to paint my piece of furniture. I’m even now on the hunt for some chairs!

Do you follow any podcasts? Any you think I’d like? I’ve kinda become obsessed with PodCasts so leave a comment below with what are listening too!

Till next week

Sarah xo 













Decorations Easter Lifestyle

Three Things You Need To Do This Easter ||


1. Paint Eggs

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do this! I don’t think I have ever done my own home made, hand painted eggs. I was so excited to do this until I found out how you had to get the egg out of the shell. I did one and then got Jarek to do the rest. 

I’ll leave a link HERE to the video I watched. It was actually quite simple but just a bit too time consuming. I was determined to make loads so I was baking and eating scrambled egg like no bodies business. ha ha!

Once they were all clean and ready to go I decided to do two rather experimental decorating ideas. The first, glitter of course. I had some of the Mod Podge glue and loose glitter left over from my birthday last year so I thought, “eh perfect!”.

MagpieMagpie_Easter Continue Reading

Christmas Lifestyle

Get into the Christmas spirit 2018 ||


YAY!!!!! It’s that time of year again and I’m even more excited about Christmas this year then any year before, coz we have our own place and are having a Jarek/Sarah Christmas so I’m so excited and can’t wait to decorate and make my nest full of everything Christmas!

I LOVE everything about Christmas, the decorations, the lights, the food, the smells, ALL of it!!!

Last year was the first time I’d done a Christmas post and it’s official, I’ll be doing this style of post every year! Just like last year, its gonna be a long one, so get a mulled wine and ur cozy socks, Christmas ones of course! I’ll be taking you through everything I think will get you into the Christmas Spirit from the 1st of December all the way up to the 25th.

1. Pajamas 

I love a good pair of festive pyjamas! They are 1st on my hit list coz if they don’t get you in the mood for Christmas, NOTHING will. I’ve built up quite a collection over the year, but I look forward to getting them every year! I can be quite fussy so I’ve picked what I would like.



Click This Link To Be Taken To The NewLook Page



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Food Jersey CI Lifestyle

Tennerfest Jersey CI |


One of the great things about this Island is the food. We have some great resturaunts that serve up some amazing dishes. So when Tennerfest time is about I’m keen to try a few new places, and book in to eat at the places I can’t always afford to go to.

My Mum usually tries to come over at this time of year, but alas Aerlingus have changed their schedule and now there is no direct flights from Ireland so I’ll have to do this Tennerfest without her this year.

On my hit list this year are the following:


I’ll be heading here with Gillian so you know its one of the more expensive ones. I’ve never been to Longueville Manor before, but since moving here I’ve heard lots about it. Mostly about the good food. 

The Hotel itself is kinda old school, but in the best way. Cosy, welcoming and lush. On arrival we were greeted at the door by who I assume was the host. He knew all about our booking and informed us that some of our party had arrived and were waiting in the lounge area. It was a beautiful day, so he mentioned that their were some seats available by the pool area. I was so pleased it was a nice day because the pool area is divine! We had a few drinks out by the pool, and once our full party had arrived we were informed when we were ready our table was available.

LongvillePool Continue Reading

Baking Halloween Lifestyle

Super Last Minute Halloween Bake Ideas |


So you’ve decided to have a Halloween party at the last and now your up shit creek with no paddle! We’ll I’ve got you covered!

So lets start with decorations. Its’s too late know to go art college on it so pop to your local pound shop and get yourself some web, the one I got was called Scary Spiders Web and it came in green and white. You’ll also need some thumb tacs, mine are rose gold but a matching colour of the web would be best!



Now all you have to do is go mental with it! The best thing about this is you can really streach it out so one pack goes a long way! I’d go for any corners, where spiders like to be, and then just go mad.

I shouldn’t need to mention this, but you will clearly need pumpkins…


I will always have some sort of food so I decided to add the webbing around the table. I loved how it turned out and would highly recommend you try it! Continue Reading

Lifestyle MagpieMagpie Resolutions

17 Resolutions for 2017 || MagpieMagpie


I always have a rule about the new year, for me it doesn’t start till payday! This year is no different. 

As it’s officially 2017 for me now I thought I’d share my new years resolutions. I was reading Two Humans Living’s blog post 17 Goals For 2017 and LOVED the idea so I decided to steal it!!

So here we go…

1. Study for my theory test… & pass first time!

I’ve done this bloody test many moons ago, but now its round two! I’m terrible at anything that even resembles a test. I break out in a sweat, my dyslexia just goes into over drive and I tend to go green and have to fight back the urge to vomit. I refuse to put myself through this more than once so I WILL pass it first time!!! ITry chill out a bit, nobody died because they sat down and had a conversation xxxx it’s like putting a match to a petrol bomb xxx
We’re out tonight and I’m at yoga tomorrow then out with Eileen for lunch that’s why I put a time as otherwise I’d never catch both of you xx WILL!!!!!

2. Get my full licence.

No point and just getting the theory test and not getting my licence. I will do this step until I pass and I will not be discouraged! I will NEVER tell you how many goes it takes, unless its one and then sure I’ll throw a fucking PARTY!!!

3. Finish my JET 2

Its no secret I did not enjoy doing JET 1, this was due to my horrible tutor. I have avoided it for as long as I can and this year I will at least start it!

4. Find an apartment and make it a home!

This one better be in progress by March and by June it had better be a put together home! I can’t wait to decorate and organise and grow plants and set up a new desk and everything that comes with moving into a new place. I hope we find something as close to perfect as possible and we stay there for many year!! 

5. Be more minimal.

I’ve very into the planet and recyling. I no longer want to be a part of the problem I want to be a part of the solution. I’m going to spend the next year getting rid of things I don’t need, use up all I have and only replace what I need. I want our new home to be bright, airy, easy to move around, and clutter free. I love shite so this one will actually be VERY difficult.

6. Choose a favourite song.

I recently did a post on getting to know me and one of the questions was what was my favourite song. I couldn’t pick one that really meant something to me. So this is a 2017 mission!

7. Be better at connecting with more bloggers and youtubers. 

I’m so bad at this. Long story short I need to be better, end of.

8.  Eat better.

I’m not a big fan of the word diet, only because of all the negativity attached to the word. I want to have a healthier diet. This should sound fine, but for some reason when I say this people think I’m going to starve myself. If you knew me you would LOL at the idea of this. That demands will power. I want regular meals, smaller portions, well balanced meals with a treat here and there.

9. Routine.

I crave routine. When i don’t have it my anxiety grows into a monster. I’ve struggled with this for over a year now and once we move, along with the decorating of the space, this is my top priority!! If I want to get everything done this 2017, and done well, routine is the only way to get it done. 

10. Blog and YouTube Routine.

This is in conjunction with number 9. I have a day I am meant to upload, but as of yet I have been struggling with it. I upload every Tuesday onto my YouTube and I used to upload onto my blog every Thursday, but we’ve enforced a no tech ban on Thursdays and my scheduling doesn’t work on my wordpress so Friday it is! 

11. Grow things.

I love fresh flowers! 100% when we have our own place I will have them everywhere (cheap ones thought coz I’m poor now!). I’ve never really had plants so last year I decided to start a cactus collection. I love them, they make my heart happy! I’ve decided I will have plants in every room, I will try to grow my own herbs and I need to try growing strawberries and chillies! And everything if I had space and time!   

12. Read More.

Even though I go on about my Dyslexia, it doesn’t mean I don’t like to read! I wouldn’t say I like a deep, heavy book, but I love reading cook books and at the moment I’m reading L’art de la SIMPLICITE How To Live More With Less. More books like this and just for fun. 

13. Sketch More.

I studied Fine Art Printmaking in College for 4 years and currently do nothing with it. One of our dreams is to own a house that is big enough to set up a studio space for me and Jarek. my skill level has dropped as I have not been doing enough sketching so I want to change that. I think in the summer when I have more time I might join a life drawing class.

14 Bake More.

I REALLY REALLY enjoy baking. It’s great for my anxiety and I love cake so its a win win! I plan on making my own baking / cooking bible that I can pass down through our family. I’m hoping to have it in a few sections, like everyday dinner and then something like tea party ideas. I’m not 100% sure yet, but I have all of 2017 to figure it out.

15. Gym at least 2 times a week.

Not only do I need this for fitness and health, but to just get out of the house and interact with others.

16. Less time spent online.

I know this one will be a difficult one, but over the past 10 months I have begun to hate my phone! So myself and Jarek have decided that every Thursday is no tech day so we read a book or chat and drink lots of tea! I’ve also decided that I won’t be bringing my phone to work anymore. I can’t have it on the shop floor anyway and my lunch is now time for relaxing and more often then not my phone only causes me agro. So no more!

17. Do more DIY.

I love me some DIY and I plan to do a lot of it when we move to our new place! Watch this space.


Lifestyle Post

Get to know me… ||


As its a new year and after reading the lovely Just My Look’s blog post “50 Facts About Me!”, I decided it would be a really nice idea.

I was nominated for a UK Blog Award and thought it would be great to get this up, but it took a little longer than expected. The last couple of months have been really stressful and my anxiety has been up the wazoo, but now I’m ready to get back into this and am feeling so much better. 

I’ve been blogging for a long time now, but have never done one of these types of post. I think I might have done one on my YouTube…

I don’t work well with thinking up questions or anything like that so I googled, get to know me tag, and went for the 1st image. So here we go!

1. Full name.

Sarah Schweppe

2. Zodiac sign.


3. 3 Fears

Spiders, being taken away by the men in white coats, and never owning my own home. (in no particular order)

4. 3 things I love

My family (Jarek,my boyfriend included FYI), I LOVE making a house a home , and chocolate.

5. My best friend

I should probably say Jarek, but I think I have to say my oldest friend Elaine!

6. Last song I listened to

Ok so lets keep in mind its Christmas time now!!! Jingle Bells by Frank Sinatra (I’m listening to Christmas FM)

7. 4 Turn ons

I like a Tall man!! I truly believe that your eyes are the window to your soul, so eyes, and someone I can be an odd ball/myself with, I love a bit of Craic and the bants so this is a massive turn on for me!

8. 4 turn offs

Someone cocky, two faced, full of self importance, and selfish.

9. What colour underwear am I wearing right now.

I’m currently bra free as I’m in my PJs and my pants are black with a largish pink rose patten.

10. How many tattoos / piercings I Have.

I have my ears pierced once, but I think I’d like to get this done again! I did have my belly button done but it has closed up, and Ive no tattoos.

11. The reason why i started Blogging.

I was having a hard time in the job I was working in and just needed an outlet really. I just needed something for me!

12. How I feel right now.

I actually feel a bit anxious, sometimes its just hard to shake.

13. Something I really, really want.

A Cartier watch

14. My current relationship status.

In a LONG term relationship

15. Meaning behind my URL.

I love everything that glitters so I always knew I wanted a website to sell my jewellery so Magpie just felt right, but when I decided to start a blog it didn’t seem right. If I see a magpie alone I panic and always look for its other half and one day I just thought “thats what I’ll do, I’ll double up the Magpie” and so was born, in my head anyway.

16. My favourute movie(s)

I love the original Footloose, but anything with Fred Astaire in it and I’m set to be a couch potato.

17. My favourite song(s)

I actually don’t think I have one… There are loads I like, but my fav song has to be something special to me. I will add this to my New Years Resolutions! 

18. My Favourite band.

My all time favourite would have to be Coldplay, but I’m loving The Weeknd at the moment!

19. 3 Things that upset me

A lot actually. I’m highly sensitive so I take many things personally. But the TOP 3  Being lied to, backstabbing and people only thinking of themselves, not really thinking of others circumstances.

20. 3 things that make me happy.

Cupcakes, I love shopping, and just cuddling up with Jarek watching a movie.

21. What I find attractive in other people.

I thought this question was similar to number 7…

22. Someone I miss.

This might seem really odd, but I miss my dog Ted, he was my best friend, and a little shit! ;) I think about him at least once a day. I can’t say that for anyone else I’ve lost.

23. Someone I love.

I need to learn how to love myself more!

24. My relationship with my parents.

I do not speak to my father, and I get on well with my mother.

25. My favourite holiday.

I Love Christmas the most I think, I can’t wait till we find a new apartment and I can film more cookery stuff and decoration stuff!!

26. My closest blogging friend.

I’m not sure I have one yet, but I shall make it one of my 2017 new years resolutions to connect more with the blogging community.

27. A blogger that I’d date.

I dont actually follow many male bloggers, now that I think of it, but I do have quite the girl crush on Anna from The Anna Edit.

28. A confession

I bought my sister a selection box for her stocking and I ate it… oops!

29. 3 Things that annoy me easily.

Because of the type of anxiety I have I find many things very stressful and annoying, BUT when people don’t listen, when the cartons for recycling are not washed out and not even put in recycling and just left on the side ( like is it that hard to put it in the fucking bin?? Is it?!), and double standards, I think we are all culprits of this, but I hate it! 

30. My Favourite animal(s).

I love lots of animals!! I have a whole board on my Pinterest dedicated to them. I do like foxes though.

31. My Pets.

Sadly I have none at the moment. Ted was my first dog, but I always wish I got him when I was younger as I went away for college and moved to London soon after and I feel like I abandoned him! I’ve also had a few fish in my day.

32. One thing I lied about.

I lie everyday to myself about how much chocolate I’ve eaten.

33. Something that’s currently worrying you.

Finding somewhere to live here in Jersey CI is very difficult, and stressful! I’ve been worrying about that since we moved here really…

34. An embarrassing moment.

My whole life is an embarrassing moment!

35. Where I work.

I work in a luxury Jewellers where I sell high value jewellery and watches. I love it! I also do their social media which is great!

36. Something that’s constantly on my mind.

Am I worth loving. I’m not sure why or how this feeling of worthlessness crept into my soul, but for as long as I can remember I have felt this way.

37. 3 Habits I have.

A. Every morning after I get up and Jarek is out of our room, I have to make the bed in a certain way.

B. I like to toilet roll to face out.

C. I HAVE to wash my face after cleansing.

38. My future goals.

In my personal life I’d like to move forward with Jarek and hopefully get engaged.

At work I hope to do JET 2 and move onto CAD design.

With my blog I would like to have a little following / community where we can chat and vent and ask any and every question. A safe place for us to share ideas!

39. Something I fantasise about.

I’ve always felt very weak! I often wish I had made ninja skills.

40. My favourite store.

I love fashion, but never tend to follow trends much, unless they just happen to be my style. I love Kate Spade and Noisy May. I also really like homeware and I love shopping in Dunnes Stores for that!

41. My favourite food.

Chocolate, pizza and ice cream

42. What I did yesterday.

I did nothing and it was the best day ever!!

43. Something I am talented at.

I actually think I’m very good at reading people. I’m rarely wrong about a persons character.

44. My idea of the perfect date.

I think a nice dinner and good conversation! 

45. My celebrity crush.

Pharrell Williams and girl crush would have to be Kate Hudson.

46. A photo of myself

I can look very different in photos so here’s three:


47.  My favourite blogs.

I love The Anna Edit, Just My Look Blog, and Lovely Girly Bits!

48. Number of kids I want.

I think I’d like 3. A boy and two girls, if I could choose, but as long as everyone is happy and healthy I’d be happy!

49. Do I smoke/drink.


50. Where are you from?

I’m from Ireland, Dublin. I grew up there until I moved to Limerick for college at 19! I loved it there and so did Jarek, we love going back to visit! Currently we live on a tiny Island called Jersey Channel Island.