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YSL Palette Collector Kiss And Love Edition


Ok so I know what I’m reviewing today is soooo old now, but I was just in my local boots and they still had them so I wanted to give my two cents. 

I’m not hugly into high end makeup. I love the idea of it of course, but I just can never justify spending that much money on them. As always I’m sure this will change of course, especially now that I’ve dipped my toe in.

So… at Christmas YSL brought out a limited eddition Palette Collector Kiss And Love Edition range. I lost my shit over it! It was so beautiful I decided I had to have it! I thought I was quite clear in letting everyone know (meaning Jarek) that I’d love love love it for Christmas, but of course he never got the hint. We do however have to bear in mind that I was rather demanding this Christmas so I’d asked for a lot. Anywho, I felt rather hard done by for like a min and then actually forgot all about the collection.  Continue Reading