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Take a deep breathe || Mental Health Edition || Me Myself And Axiety


One thing I’ve learned over the years is that I need a bit of me time.

As you know I suffer with anxiety. Personally, I found councelling very helpful and one thing they all said to me was that it was so important to get out in the fresh air. 

At home (Dublin) I was religious with it! I went for a 15 – 20 min walk everyday and on the days I didn’t want to I would walk like a snail home and just breathe deep the whole way. Since moving here I’ve been shite!, but that’s all about to change!

I’ve decided that once a week I will be getting out and having a beach walk. Nothing fancy, just me having a little stroll along the beach once a week.


I don’t know what it is about getting out in the fresh air, but it can just help make life seem less shite. For me I need to go alone, some people find this odd. Over the years I’ve come to realise that they are the people who can’t stand their own company, how sad for them! I love me some alone time! I’ve been in a full time relationship for nearly a decade now so I FUCKIN crave it!

I don’t feel the need to put on my gym gear or bring my phone. I just head off by myself for a little walk where I can breathe deep, chill and just let my mind wander.


I know if you have severe anxiety the thought of even leaving the house can be hard, thats ok. I used to sit in a windy spot in the back garden on days I felt I couldn’t deal with people. I’d just sit and take a couple of deep breaths and the anxiety in my chest would ease a little.

Even if its just sitting on a step in the back garden or a little hidden one that you only know about, try get out once a week even for 5 mins. It will change you!

No back garden? stick your head out the window. Honestly thats not a joke. I only realised this last year, but steps are my happy place (inside and out). You’ll be surprised of the difference!


I know the struggle can seem endless and isolating, but just know you are not alone and that you are the master of your destiny, you are in control! You can fight the fight!

Sarah xo


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15 Day Vegan Challenge


Vegan seems to be the new black. Anyone else have the same opinion? Every Wednesday and Sunday,  well I say EVERY and we all know that’s an exaggeration… but anyway, I go to a gym type class where I met a fellow blogger. I was very excited about this as I had a good few bloggers I interacted with at home, but none here.

Haley has a fashion blog called JerseyUndressed, but like me often writes about a number of things. Going Vegan being one of them. She’s very excited about it all. I myself would never have thought about going vegan, even my friend Mel snapchatted me and said “You, Vegan?! But you love the sausage ha ha” (sexual innuendo intended I’m sure) funny coz its true! But I was keen to make a friend and if they could be a blogger friend, I’d give up my beloved sausage. :) Continue Reading

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Me, Myself, and Anxiety



Hi guys,
So this video has been up on my YouTube channel for a while but I’m only getting around to putting it up on my blog now. No real reason other then there has been a lot going on and at the moment rime management is not my forte.
As you may or may not know, I suffer from anxiety and sometime when its very bad the depression can set in. This year I’m planning on tackling me as whole. I feel if I could sort out the anxiety a lot of other problems I have would fall away. This is a big thing though and anxitey has been a huge part of my life for many year so it wont be easy and I might not be ready to let it go…
I want to share my story as I find it helpful writing everything down and who knows maybe my journey will help others. The idea is to do one of these at the end of each month.
MagpieMagpie xx