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Three Jumper Styles You Need In Your Life


Ok so here we are, my first ever fashion blog post with actual images of me “modelling”. Please GOD be kind. Some of them are cringe worthy, but fuck it you have to start some where…

You may not know this about me, but I love jumpers! I have a pretty hefty collection going on at the moment and I’m loving it! Every year there are styles I go back to and winter time is no different! There are a few things I look for, like comfort, warmth, wear ability with the rest of my wardrobe, and “style”. Not sure I can actually say much about style but heyho here we are and we’ll see what you guys think. Also just to note I’m not in the greatest of shape at the moment, I am aware and am under no delusions about it! 

1. The Slogan Jumper

It started with the slogan tee ( I have about 10 now) and it has carried into jumpers! Thank God! I love love love this trend. Now, these jumpers are no longer in stock, but I think you get the idea ring… I don’t have a huge cash flow and am not exactly on my blogger fashion game so we might have to be a bit understanding for a while. I’ll also try work on my posing game. Some of the pictures were just shocking, so the ones you see here are the best of the bunch.

NewLook is one of my go to stores here in Jersey as its cheap and cheerful and I can actually afford whats in there. I’m trying to buy less and invest in more high quality items, but so far that hasn’t started yet. I will of course get something now and again, but I’ll really be trying to rain it in.

Espirit is a shop I’d never think to get into and if I didn’t live in Jersey I don’t think I would have ever stepped foot in the shop, but I do live in Jersey. So I saw this hashtag Jumper in their window I had to have it! I actually saw the grey but when I went to get it they only had the navy.

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