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May Favourites ||


I hardly ever post my videos on here, but I think every now and again I will trow up whats on my YouTube.

This time it’s a catch up. There’s been loaaaaads of random things that I’ve been loving lately! I’s super excited to share them with you!

So let me know in the comments what you’ve been loving recently whether that’s a beauty product, film, food, anything! 

Enjoy my May favourites!

Till next time,

Sarah xo




The Grand Hotel and Spa Jersey


Ok before we start, get yourself a cuppa tea (and some cake or biscuits because why else would you have tea lets face it) It’s going to be a bit of a long one!!

Over the Easter break I had the pleasure of staying at the Grand Jersey Hotel and Spa for an overnight stay. Jarek and I had stayed there before and we had a lovely time so he decided to get us an overnight with dinner and breakfast for my Birthday. Jarek was working on my actual Birthday and even though we spent the morning together I wanted to do something special so an overnight stay was perfect.

We decided to stay on a Monday so we turned up about 1 o’clock to check in. Now we didn’t exactly realise that the check in time was actually 2pm but it was fine. We checked in with a very nice chap named Alex, and were told our room wasn’t ready just yet and we could make ourselves comfortable in the Champagne Lounge until our rooms was ready. It was a terrible day out and we had walked to the Grand so I was dying to sit down and have a cuppa, so that’s what we did. I’ve been to the Champagne lounge many times before and really like it there. It has a modern look but is so cosy and the staff there are always lovely. Really friendly, attentive and professional.

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October Favourites!


Hello My Little Magpies,

You may not know but I also have a YouTube channel. Like my blog I do a bit of everything on there, but without fail, although sometimes delayed, every month I do a monthly favourites video. It covers Make-up, Skincare, Nails, Jewellery, Stationary, Food, anything can be in it really depending on what I’ve been loving! 

Pop over to my channel and check it out. Don’t forget to subscribe!

MagpieMagpie xo