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Herbal Essences Tealicious Fresh Balance


So another one for the basics. We all need shampoo right?! The last month I’ve been using Herbal Essences Tealicious Fresh Balance, I have been using this brand for year, and love it. I usually stick to the same type but as I’ve now decided to blog about basic cosmetics a bit, I’ve decided to try a few different things. Most considered same same but different.

Anyway as I was saying I’ve been using this new shampoo for the last month. I’m not sure how I feel about it. It technically has everything I want in a shampoo; it smells nice, it’s a gel type as opposed to a cream, it has good lather and it does what shampoo is meant to: it cleans my hair.


Personally I tend to wash my hair every second day. My hair doesn’t like it if I do it more than that. I do also use conditioner but I haven’t been using the same brand so I can’t say much about that. There are things I like about it, even in the shower I like the fact it’s a gel, I like the lathering. That’s about it…


I do like the smell but it burns the crap out of my eyes, like I could live with it if I had to like but life is hard enough I don’t need to torture myself. Once it touches my hair it just feels sooo odd. It feels like it strips the oils out of my hair, do you know what I mean. Jesus thing are really hard to describe at the moment. The end result of the shampoo is good, my hair is clean and shiny. But I really don’t enjoy using it. I would maybe keep it for when I want a real deep clean for my hair of like once a month job but I wouldn’t be using it all the time.

So moral of the story is that I won’t be rushing out to buy it again, but if I feel like my hair needs a deep deep clean I’ll use it again!

Any shampoo’s you guys recommend? What one can’t you live without?


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