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Getting ready for in to the west blogger network event in Galway.

I’m on my way into the city centre to catch the Go Bus to Galway for the In To The West Blogger Network event.
I really want to make the most of this experience so when orgonising myself to get ready for it I planned and planned! A couple of weeks in advance I started to think about what I was going to wear, I didn’t allow myself to buy any new clothes so it limited me and didn’t create stress. I chose two different outfits, I tried to choose something that showed my personality and that was conformable enough for the bus and walking around all day.
I always choose something I have worn recently or try every on in advance so I know I won’t freak out about how it fits or something. I tend to clean them, even if I know they are fresh just coz ok!
I wrote a list in my Filofax of everything I thought I might need, notebook, camera, business cards, etc. I did choose my bag before I started making my list as that way I know how much space I had and could freak out if my bag was to small, I use my DKNY bag most days so I know what I can and can’t fit in there.
The night before I showered, and did my Cocoa Brown tanned and my nails with Barry M Nail Paint, a Gelly Hi-Shine and a glitter on my ring figures. I had put my video camera, MP3 and my phone on charge so they would be ready to go the next day. 
Then… I relaxed a bit, or at least tried to. If I do to much I get overwhelmed and freak out. So I just sat. I had to make myself do it as I could feel myself getting anxious. After my “relax” I laid out my outfits, set out all my products, chose my jewellery, I decided to go with rose gold, and packed half of my bag.
Then early to bed!
I was up early this morning (but not early enough as I didn’t get to curl my hair). I showered (to get off my excess tan) moisturised, put on my outfit except my top and did my make-up. Once I finished with a product I put it in my make-up I was bringing with me. I tried to only take essentials but ended up taking everything I think. I made porridge and ate it while I was finishing my make-up. I was meant to do my daily mantra on my twitter feed but there was just no time. I made the choice to concentrate on my make-up. I did really want to curl my hair but I also didn’t what to do what I always do and stress out and get half of everything done. 
I checked my dart time, put on my rose gold GHD, put on my top now that I was finished doing my make-up, put flats on and heels in my bag, quickly straightened my hair and ran for the dart. As it was Sunday the darts are limited so I had to make sure I made this one. While running for my life I realised I had forgotten to print out my ticket, no time to go back now so once I got my head around that fact I remembered I could download my ticket. The I made sure my email for my bus ticket was there. Everything sorted. We are good.
The Sunday dart I had to get left me in early so, I went to the loo. There I forced myself to pee ( I tend to hold it in when I’m nervous have no idea why?). Fixed my eyelashes and got some goodies for the bus, I got an apple juice, a granola bar a banana and one of those new small galaxy bars. I’m on the bus now no stressing as of yet which is a huge thing for me and I have some bus buddies.
Happy Bunny 
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MagpieMagpie xx 

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