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Ri Na Mara Face Mask


If you have acne it’s super important that you use a face mask once a week. I know it doesn’t seem like the best idea as you want to hide your blemishes but the mask will help bring everything out so you can remove them naturally.

I find the best time to do it is after a shower, I know some of you will have a shower before work but you could do it on a day off just before bed. I do a big clean on Wednesday, bed sheets, make-up brushes and me… so ideally this would be best. Facemasks open up all your pours so you can get that dirt out, but don’t forget it also lets bad stuff in. Your pillow can be a midfield of bacteria if you have sensitive skin.

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My most trusted face mask is Ri Na Mara. I LOVE this product!! I have very sensitive eyes and a lot of facemasks make my eyes go crazy but this one doesn’t at all. It is green in colour and has a lovely clay like texture. It has natural seaweed extracts, which regenerates and strengthens your skins natural resistance to the environment (which, let’s face it, we all need!!). You just apply to a cleansed face and throat and leave it to dry for 10 – 15 minutes. Then rinse off and ta da, refreshed skin!

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