15 Day Vegan Challenge


Vegan seems to be the new black. Anyone else have the same opinion? Every Wednesday and Sunday,  well I say EVERY and we all know that’s an exaggeration… but anyway, I go to a gym type class where I met a fellow blogger. I was very excited about this as I had a good few bloggers I interacted with at home, but none here.

Haley has a fashion blog called JerseyUndressed, but like me often writes about a number of things. Going Vegan being one of them. She’s very excited about it all. I myself would never have thought about going vegan, even my friend Mel snapchatted me and said “You, Vegan?! But you love the sausage ha ha” (sexual innuendo intended I’m sure) funny coz its true! But I was keen to make a friend and if they could be a blogger friend, I’d give up my beloved sausage. 🙂

Myself and Haley had talked about doing a colab in the past, but never did anything about it. She was going on about the Vegan thing and at the time I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone. As we all know by now I LOVE to torture myself so I obviously thought oh lets do a bloody Vegan challenge. I was thinking 5, at that I was like fuck me I’m gona struggle. Haley thought better and said 15 days would actually be considered a challenge, so 15 days it was. (incert GhostFace) 



So far I’ve hated this challenge! Baring in mind I did no research or planning, this was my first mistake!! I actually can’t believe how much of a struggle its been. I obviously know all the pros to going Vegan and know how amazing for our planet it is and how positive it could be for me, BUT while doing this challenge I’ve found it has greatly effected my mental health. I’ve actually never mad something effect my mental health so quickly and obviously. I actually just hate life at the moment. The meat thing hasn’t bothered me as much as the dairy, things like chocolate, yogurt, ice-cream, and my beloved cake. Missing these things was difficult enough, but to top off the upset with a fucking cherry I had people constantly question me on why I was going vegan and was I sick and not to mention the few who are vegan or “healthy” and when I mentioned what I was missing essentially went for the jugular and criticised me for what I eat. Or in this case wanted to eat. I’m not so fat or unhealthy that you would look at me and think “Jesus that girl is eating herself to death” so I was very confused about the peoples outrage. What I found funny was how people seemed so certain they knew what was best for me. As a person I’m very in-tune with my body, when I eat shit I know how it effects my body, I don’t try and blame anything other than myself. If I choose to “destroy” my body in this way, its my choice. I’d prefer to be not as healthy as you, but have good stable mental health. That’s not to say that if you are a vegan or super healthy that you are mentally unstable, I’m just saying that since doing this challenge MY mental health has deteriorated. So much so that daily I thought about ending my own life. I can hold it together at work as I’m busy and distracted but one lunch came I would dread the time to think and would be exhausted by the time I’d get home from all the energy I would use up trying to keep my shit together.


Currently I have four days left but have decided to go to 14 days. I have had a number of slip ups in past week, the first was Thursday the 19th when I had a work event, I had a Galaxy bar and it was the most delicious thing I’d ever eaten (except for that mint ice-cream, Kilcoyni you know what I’m on about). And after two people shoving their option about how the thing I eat are so unhealthy I actually cried and to make myself feel better I had a Galaxy and tea with milk. I didn’t torture myself over them… didn’t see the point, everyone else was torturing me.

I think I would choose to do this #VeganChallenge again, BUT would need to be sooooo prepared and actually have recipes and have found alternatives that I like before I start. Even though I’ve essentially I failed this challenge I am really proud of myself for trying it. I think I will definitely be having more vegan/vegetarian options on a weekly basis and would even think twice about what skincare, make-up etc I’m using.

Moral of the story is its good to push yourself, but know your limits! You know what’s best for you mind, body and soul. Be strong with that and try not to let anyone question that! What works for one person might not work for you xo.

I know this post might be controversial in that I am saying the whole Vegan thing isn’t for me, but that’s not to say I don’t comment the people that choose to do it. I think its a really positive step to making our lives and out children’s lives better! The best thing for me is a mix of both.


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    Just so you all know i will be doing an update on this next month. Just to see how I’m getting on and if I’ve seen any differences. xo

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