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Hi lovelies,

I’m so excited to be bringing you guys this post in collaboration with Wear Your Belief. As you guys know I’m a huge believer in sharing my anxiety and the tips that work for me.

Like people, anxiety comes is all shapes and forms. What works for me might not work for you, but everything is worth trying right. Don’t feel disheartened if my tips don’t work for you, just remember that my anxiety is probably very different to yours. There is no one size fits all. Try everything and anything and eventually you’ll find what works for you.

Get Out and About

Exercise is obviously one of the most beneficial for the body and mind, but I feel that the view of exercise has become distorted. If you are not doing loads of classes and spend hours a day in the gym you will achieve nothing. Personally, I disagree, walking; just getting out in the air is what works best for me. No pressure to do much just get out and walk. 

It can be in your local area, you can get a bus and go somewhere with a view. You can walk to a destination or go free style. You could join a walking group or go it alone. As long and you get out and about you’ll feel the benefits.

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Gratitude Journal

Journaling in general is something that I’d highly recommend to everyone. Putting pen to paper can be life changing! 

Gratitude journaling is a great way to start. It can be bit less time consuming and easier to fit into day to day life (do set out a time though, make it a habit) . It’s simple, concise, which means you have to dig a little bit deeper. Check out THIS post for some great tips before you get started.

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Chill Vibes

For me this usually involves alone time. Candles on, room made cosy, a cup of camomile tea, a good book or doing my nails! Theres nothing better. I like reading lifestyle / self help book about happiness or hygge just incase you are wondering.

Again this is such a personal thing, you might like to watch Netflix or any movie, or play a video game. It’s all about trying things out and seeing what works for you. 

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Talk To A Professional

I can’t recommend this enough. I have always been very open about the fact that counselling is a big part of how I cope with my anxiety. I do think narrow minded people will always look down on this and judge, but this just shows the kind of people they are. Dump ’em. Anyone who talks down to you about your feeling or makes you feel less then you are, doesn’t deserve to have you in their life, know your worth! Get Out!

I find it easier to speak to a professional than friends and family. It’s someone impartial, who has no preconceptions, no judgement, and no motive. What more could you want. I’m always asked : is it worth it, did you find it helpful, how often do you do it? The answers to these are: yes its 100% worth it, yes I find it very helpful, but be ready to uncover things you might not want to revisit, the timeframe depends on the individual.

Over the last year I’ve gone almost once a week for about 6 months. I’ve taken a break now but I’ll be going back and aim to do a session once a month for the next 6 months, just to get my head in the right place. Some people do three sessions and they feel they don’t need to go again. I dip in and out, usually when I realise I’ve surrounded myself with toxic people. As an empath this can happen if I’m run down. I just forget to keep my protective bubble up and suddenly I’m surrounded by energy vampiers. #EmpathProblems

I’ll leave a link to the my counsellor HERE in Jersey CI and one I used to see in Dublin HERE.

Do you suffer from anxiety? What works for you? Why not share below, what works for you might help another. 🙂 

I think I’ll be doing a bit more to do with Anxiety so if you have any questions or info please do contact me! I’m keen to help “Stomp Out The Stigma”.

Till next week my lovelies.

Sarah xo  

*Disclaimer: These items of clothing have been gifted.  


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