Birthday Wish List 2018


Like everything this year, this is late but as this week was my birthday I thought it would be the perfect time upload my birthday wish list. 

1. Diptyque Candle

I adore candles, and for as long as I can remember a Diptyque candle has been on my wish list. I have no idea what scent or type I just know I would like one! ha ha   


2. Katie Loxton Bag

I love the brand and have been on the hunt for a new bag for a while now. So once I saw the Pretty Poppy Scallop Bag. I’m keen to wait for it to hopefully come out in black.


3. Katie Loxton Notebook

I love me a good notebook, anyone in my inner circle can vouch for that! I love 

Wrote loads here but my computer made it disappear.


4. Cartier Tank Solo watch

For as long as I can remember I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Cartier watch. I’m not sure if you’d see me and think oh she’s a Cartier girl but I think it’s what I’ve always aspired to be. I’ve been struggling with my style for a long time but there are always things I know I’ll like to wear. Classic pieces that I’ll never grow out of, that I’ll cherish for ever and that will last a life time. 

I could get something more affordable, but as I have worked in the jewellery trade for nearly a decade and its just something that I’d like to own. 


5. Cartier Strap

I’ve added this because when I’ve thought about wearing the watch I’ve always thought of that stunning Cartier burgandy so it had to be added to the list.

6. Little Tripod

I need this. It’ll be super helpful for my YouTube channel and be great fro traveling. I’m still not 100% sure which one to get. The one pictured is about £30 so I think it would be a good starter one just to test the waters.


7. Charlotte Tilbury. MakeUp

There is sooo much I want but I’m so keen to try more lipstick! I really like how she does the minis, I got some of them for Christmas and really love them so I’d love to get the other mini set. I just wish they had more options. I find they don’t really do the deep berry colours and that’s kinda my go to so I’m a bit dissapointed but hopefully they’ll bring them out at some stage.


8. Mango Trench

I’ve been after a new Trench coat for the past 3 years. I have no idea why but I’m quite fussy about the colour. I find a lot of then can really look odd and drain the colour out of me. I also like the small details like the buttons and the belt, and if there is inner lining, we are golden!

I saw this one and fell in love. The shape, colour and lining just make it. Its also from one of my favourite brands Mango so I just knew I had to have it!


9. Sugarhill Bourique Jumper

I’ve been a huge fan of this brand for the past few years and when I went to Brighton with my Mum I was so excited to go but of course couldn’t. 

I spent months scrolling their instagram and website and ended up falling in love with a couple of jumpers. The one I’ve asked for for my birthday is this super cute Hello Sunshine one. I just love it. I wear jumpers all year round so it makes sense. 

I thought this one would be a great spring summer piece and I’m keen to update my wardrobe with pieces I will love for years.


 10. Jewellery

It would just be wrong if I didn’t get a little bling bling for my Birthday! There is loads I love but my top five picks are pictured below!


 Kate Spade Bangle / Missoma chain & Pendant / Mejuri Ring Gold & Silver / Dirty Ruby Pisces Necklace / Pandora Charm 


  • Reply Julia Browne 24/03/2018 at 4:25 PM

    Very nice choices! Especially the bag! Uber cute!

    • Reply MagpieMagpie 26/03/2018 at 7:30 PM

      Yes I love it! It went out of stock so fast so I won’t be getting it until it comes back into stock. xo

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