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Reflexology at Nautilus


I’ve been meaning to write this review for a long time! I’ve been distracted by all the make-up, so today we are doing it! We are chatting about something a little bit different this week.

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Me, Myself, and Anxiety



Hi guys,
So this video has been up on my YouTube channel for a while but I’m only getting around to putting it up on my blog now. No real reason other then there has been a lot going on and at the moment rime management is not my forte.
As you may or may not know, I suffer from anxiety and sometime when its very bad the depression can set in. This year I’m planning on tackling me as whole. I feel if I could sort out the anxiety a lot of other problems I have would fall away. This is a big thing though and anxitey has been a huge part of my life for many year so it wont be easy and I might not be ready to let it go…
I want to share my story as I find it helpful writing everything down and who knows maybe my journey will help others. The idea is to do one of these at the end of each month.
MagpieMagpie xx

My Mini Marathon Journey

This year I’m taking part in the mini marathon 2015 in June. I have never done a marathon before but after loosing my job I felt I had to do things to stay motivated and look after my mental health. I try to help out with a charity that is close to my heart Suicide or Survive and when I got an email inviting me to a brain storming session I thought, “it’s a sign”.
I’ll be vlogging about my journey so subscribe to my youtube channel and check out my instagram account. 
MagpieMagpie xx

Skin Update

Hi guys, 
So I’ve decided to do more regular post regarding my acne. I was putting regular pictures up in instagram but I thought the videos might work better… 
At the moment my skin is in a bad way. Now compared to last year its 10 times better but it still has a ways to go. This year I’m trying to put a few things in place like better eating, less picking and less stress. The idea is to have a life style change, I feel this is the only thing that will work for me! 
Hope you find my journey helpful. 
MagpieMagpie xx

My life at the moment.


Ok so I’m going start by saying I’m not going bother talking to much about work because there is just no point and its too upsetting and aggravation at the moment… But once I get this sorted I’ll fill you all in.

Other then that everything is going quite well. As I’m sure you’ve seen from my twitter and facebook I’m organising a Charity Quiz in aid of Suicide or Survive. I’m really excited about it, its something that is very close to my heart and as I do counselling every week for me this charity is the most relevant as it helps to breaking down the stigma associated with mental health issues. I hope to do the same with my blog. I’ve been busy busy getting spot prizes and Jarek helped me design an amazing poster so it’s all go with that. I’m focusing all my energy on this at the moment and I have to say it came at a great time as I really need a distraction from everything.

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