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Stocking Fillers For Under £16


Hi Lovelies, 

I hope you are all have a fantastic lead up to Christmas. I’m back again with another stocking filler gift guide.

If you’ve read Sundays post, you’ll know that I’m really trying to up my stocking game! This post is very similar to the previous one but, the main difference is that I’ve upped the price and just given you one gift idea. I think as the years go on this type of post will evolve, so I’d love your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Also just to mention again, I’m based in Jersey CI so all my prices are based on the prices available to me here.

Lime Crime is a brand I’ve always wanted to try, but am never sure about it. That being said, if I was to receive one in my stocking I’d be pleased. I love me a winter berry colour so when i saw this one I knew it had to be in the post. Unicorns are really big right now too so even if it’s just for the package, you know you’ve bought something just for the packing, we’ve all done it, it’ll go down a treat. This little beauty comes in at £14.45

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Stocking Filler Ideas for Under £8


Needing some stocking filler ideas? I have a few option coming that should have something for everyone. I’ve tired to up my stocking game over the years. They don’t need to be expensive, that being said they can be if you wish, they just need to be thoughtful. I chose gifts I’d like to receive, and I’m hoping I’m multifaceted enough for there to be at least one thing you’ll like.

A mini mac lipstick is such a cute idea, especially if you can get their favourite shade. They save some classics like Ruby Woo, Twig and Sin, so there is bound to be something from the shade range that’ll be appropriate. There are some other Mac mini options such as setting spray or I think there are mini pigments too, one of those beauties in the stocking would go down a treat.

Today as we are on a budget of £8 (reminder that I live in Jersey, VAT Free) so we are going to stick to the mini lippies and the pigments

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Get Into The Christmas Spirit


Woohoo it’s that time of year again!

I think for the rest of 2018 we are just going to have to face the fact that if I actually get a post up on time it’ll be a miracle. I do promise to try my best to get one up once a week. 

As you guys know by now I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas! It actually is the most wonderful time of your! Christmas 2017 was a very trying time for me, but the celebrations we had at home was just magical. I think any situation can be made special once you concentrate on the positive, and shop of course! Retail therapy can sometimes be just what the Dr ordered! Nowadays  I try to stay away from a fast lifestyle, but I have to say when Christmas comes around that all goes out the window. This year I have to be a bit more reserved as my circumstances have changed and I went a bit mad last year so I should be covered for a year or two. Ha ha.

Right anyway that enough waffling, back to the post. 

I can’t wait for the 1st of December, to get the Christmas Jumpers out and the tree up AND the mulled wine on! I’m hoping with this blog post you’ll get right into the spirit. 



Who doesn’t love Pjs? I’m into cutesie, snuggly ones. You won’t see anything sexy here! We used to live in an apartment that had an open fire, and there was nothing better then getting on the snuggly pjs and a hot chocolate with a Christmas movie on, with the fire crackling in the background. DELIGHTFUL! 

These first ones from Dorothy Perkins are a bit more subtle Christmas, which is great if you want you Christmas pjs to see you through January too these ones might be the ones for you. These are currently on sale at £25.60 so get in quick before they are gone!

This festive little number are from Dunnes are RIGHT up my street, I love a good red set and if they have little Christmas imagery #winning.  For those of you who don’t know Dunnes, it’s an Irish based company that does in fact deliver to Jersey! They are also the most reasonable of the lot coming in at £8. 

This year there isn’t a shop that doesn’t have a pair of Grinch Pyjamas. These ones from NewLook with the “Naughty Who Me?” slogan are right up my street. I have a similar pair from last year that I can’t wait to get out. These ones come is at £19.99.   

This ones for the safety queens. Not too Christmas, but just Christmas enough for the ones who like Christmas but don’t go OTT like the rest me ha ha. Coming in at £18 from Next they are not the cheapest, but it must be said, they are very cute.

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Get into the Christmas spirit 2018 ||


YAY!!!!! It’s that time of year again and I’m even more excited about Christmas this year then any year before, coz we have our own place and are having a Jarek/Sarah Christmas so I’m so excited and can’t wait to decorate and make my nest full of everything Christmas!

I LOVE everything about Christmas, the decorations, the lights, the food, the smells, ALL of it!!!

Last year was the first time I’d done a Christmas post and it’s official, I’ll be doing this style of post every year! Just like last year, its gonna be a long one, so get a mulled wine and ur cozy socks, Christmas ones of course! I’ll be taking you through everything I think will get you into the Christmas Spirit from the 1st of December all the way up to the 25th.

1. Pajamas 

I love a good pair of festive pyjamas! They are 1st on my hit list coz if they don’t get you in the mood for Christmas, NOTHING will. I’ve built up quite a collection over the year, but I look forward to getting them every year! I can be quite fussy so I’ve picked what I would like.



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Get into the Christmas Spirit


Let me start off by saying I LOVE Christmas! Its one of my favourite times of year. I enjoy everything about it, the decorations, the lights, the food, the smells, ALL of it!!!

This is my first ever post of this kind so it’s gona be a long one, but it’ll be worth it, so get a mulled wine and ur cozy (Christmas) socks.

Unfortunaitly not everyone shares my passion. After Halloween I was full on ready to jump in it,  but I’ve felt like I have to hold back. Only on the outside though. 

This weeks blog post is all about the little festive thing to get you in the Christmas spirit. Basicly it the small things you can hide so you know your all about Christmas, but no one else needs to know.

I’ve done them in a couple of catagories. I’ve chosen things I love and that make me happy. Hopefully you’ll like em!

1. Pajamas 

I love pjs all year round, but when it comes to that time of year I love a good pair of festive pyjamas. I used to never get them, in the days when Christmas was just another meaningless holiday.

A couple of years ago I came to the realisation that the holidays are what you make of it, so I got right into it and got everything there was to get in a festive theme and it just made me so happy inside.

Anyway I’ve gone off topic. My Christmas PJs come out the first week in November (if I’m organised). I tend to have them hidden in a box under the bed so they all usually need a wash so I take to this oppertunity to wash then with some essential oils in Christmas scents. It just takes it to another level.

Slipper socks are in this category too.


ChristmasPajama1Noisy May Knit Anti Christmas Jumper

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