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Stocking Fillers For Under £16


Hi Lovelies, 

I hope you are all have a fantastic lead up to Christmas. I’m back again with another stocking filler gift guide.

If you’ve read Sundays post, you’ll know that I’m really trying to up my stocking game! This post is very similar to the previous one but, the main difference is that I’ve upped the price and just given you one gift idea. I think as the years go on this type of post will evolve, so I’d love your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Also just to mention again, I’m based in Jersey CI so all my prices are based on the prices available to me here.

Lime Crime is a brand I’ve always wanted to try, but am never sure about it. That being said, if I was to receive one in my stocking I’d be pleased. I love me a winter berry colour so when i saw this one I knew it had to be in the post. Unicorns are really big right now too so even if it’s just for the package, you know you’ve bought something just for the packing, we’ve all done it, it’ll go down a treat. This little beauty comes in at £14.45

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Stocking Filler Ideas for Under £8


Needing some stocking filler ideas? I have a few option coming that should have something for everyone. I’ve tired to up my stocking game over the years. They don’t need to be expensive, that being said they can be if you wish, they just need to be thoughtful. I chose gifts I’d like to receive, and I’m hoping I’m multifaceted enough for there to be at least one thing you’ll like.

A mini mac lipstick is such a cute idea, especially if you can get their favourite shade. They save some classics like Ruby Woo, Twig and Sin, so there is bound to be something from the shade range that’ll be appropriate. There are some other Mac mini options such as setting spray or I think there are mini pigments too, one of those beauties in the stocking would go down a treat.

Today as we are on a budget of £8 (reminder that I live in Jersey, VAT Free) so we are going to stick to the mini lippies and the pigments

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Birthday Wish List 2018


Like everything this year, this is late but as this week was my birthday I thought it would be the perfect time upload my birthday wish list. 

1. Diptyque Candle

I adore candles, and for as long as I can remember a Diptyque candle has been on my wish list. I have no idea what scent or type I just know I would like one! ha ha   

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Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas |


1. Chocolate lollipops

Ok so if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll have seen that I love Valentine’s. I made these last year but I decided to try and jazz them up a bit. I saw this idea on pinterest and HAD to try em!

Last year I just made chocolates, but this year I’m actually using the mould how you are meant to and made lollipops!! I have no idea but I was super excited about it!

Lets get into this!

You will need: 500g of chocolate (I chose white chocolate)

                           Sprinkles of your choice

                           A lollipop mould. (I have a lips one that I bought especially for Valentine’s last year) You can get them in most baking shops.

                           Lollipop stick things



Just melt the chocolate until its melted and smooth. This can take a while, but do it slow and steady as if you do it too quick it goes all funny. While thats melting get your mould ready! This is when I added some sprinkles at the bottom of the mould and then added in the sticks. 


Once I was happy with the texture of the chocolate I used a tea spoon to add the chocolate in. I tried to knock out the air by tapping it on the counter lightly and then lashed them in the freezer.

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2017 Birthday Wish List ||


First off let me say sorry that I’ve been away for so long! We moved on the 1st of March and ever since life has been upside down!! It’s all getting a bit more settled now and I’m finally back!

My birthday was a good few weeks ago now, but as we are having the big party in April most people didn’t get me anything yet so I thought I’d do a little wish list.

I’ve actually asked everyone for Money or Voucher towards an Apple laptop as I really need my own for convenience and travel, so I can 100% be sure I won’t get anything else on this list, BUT I love me a good wish list. They are my favourite blog post to read and write so you can expect to see more and more over time!

 1. Apple Laptop



2. Hello Kitty Instax Camera

This is a luxury gift if ever there was one. I defo don’t need this and can 100% live without it, but if you knew me well you will know I love anything in Hello Kitty form. I love taking photos too so if I can have the two together… #Winning

(I bought this myself about a week after I started writing this post, I literally couldn’t control myself)


3. Sigma Copper Brushes

You may have guessed that I enjoy rose gold, in this case copper. I’ve loved sigma brushes for years. They are the best quality, great price, wash amazingly well and most importantly they apply my make-up like nothing else. I’d love to add a few to my collection.


4. Kate Spade

One of my favourite designers of all time. I love everything.  Currently I have the planner, a stunning burgundy bag (medium sized), and a bangle. I’ve decided I need a new bag! I recently set eyes on this stunning soft pink hand bag and I’ve decided I need it.


I also need another bangle.

A wallet.

And earrings.

And all the Kate Spade!!! Ha! Ha!

5. Lauryn Rose Bracelet

 I love jewellery, so much that I work in the industry! Many moons ago I fell in love with the jewellery brand Lauryn Rose and even though it took me a year to actually get something I’m so glad I did as they are my favourite pieces to wear. For me jewellery is the cherry on the top of the outfit, the finishing touches. So I only choose things I love and that I know I will wear over and over again. And most of all they need to bring me joy. 


6. Pandora

I love Pandora! I used to work for them many moons ago and I became a huge fan. I now work with higher end jewellery, but I just can’t keep away from Pandora. Once they brought out their Pandora Rose collection I was so excited!


7. Verifine London

This was love at first sight. You may have seen my other two Verifine rings. Now I need the 3rd. I’m saving for the diamond in 18ct white gold. It’s next on my hit list. I adore this brand and can’t wait to see more from them!!


8. Cashmere Jumper

Over the next few years I hope to build up an amazing wardrobe. First on my hit list is a Cashmere jumper. I’ve no idea how much I wana spend or what brand to go with, but I’ve got plenty of time to do my research!!


9. Second Ear Piercing

I’ve no idea why, but about 6 months ago i said to myself that when I went home for my birthday I’d get a second ear piercing done. 


10. Geonvito Rossi Shoes

For as long as I can remember I have loved shoes. Usually boots are my purchase of choice, but over the last year I’ve been coveting a pair of Geonvito Rossi courts. A court is my new shoe of choice for night outs and smart occasions. It’ll be a long time until I can actually afford these beauties and I’ve no idea of the fit or even the ones I defo want, but these are currently my top three!!!