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The Freezer Spell || MagpieMagpie Blog


Lets’ talk Halloween Spells aka The Freezer Spell! No better time to let you in on my White Witch ways than Halloween week. I don’t often call this a spell to be honest, it’s something I’ve always done and my mother before me. We never really called it a spell, not that we have an issue with the word, it’s just never really what we’ve ever called it. I would just be telling Mum about someone toxic and her first question would be are they in the freezer? EnterThe Freezer Spell, a spell to “freeze” toxic people.

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Halloween Bake Ideas ||MagpieMagpie Blog


Hi Lovelies. Let’s talk Halloween Bake Ideas. We know I love a bit of baking, and halloween is a great time to experiment. They are meant to look creepy and ghoulish, so if you mess up just stick some frosting on and ur good to go.  If you’ve been on my instagram you will know I’ve gone OTT on Halloween this year! I go a bit OTT every year, but this year Dunnes had some great Halloween bits, so it set me off. Here’s a few links to other Halloween inspired post, 7 Vampie Lippies for Halloween, Last Minute Halloween Bakes, and The Freezer Spell.

Todays post is a few simple halloween bake ideas. Every year I do a bit of baking and of course this year was no different. We are here for bakes thought, so here we go!

Halloween Bake Ideas – Black Velvet Cupcakes

This recipe was a bit too “American” for me to be honest, but it was worth a try, it turn out really well. If you have any alliterative recipes pop a comment below. I love trying out new ones. I used THIS recipe for the cupcake and THIS for the topping.

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Super Last Minute Halloween Bake Ideas |


So you’ve decided to have a Halloween party at the last and now your up shit creek with no paddle! We’ll I’ve got you covered!

So lets start with decorations. Its’s too late know to go art college on it so pop to your local pound shop and get yourself some web, the one I got was called Scary Spiders Web and it came in green and white. You’ll also need some thumb tacs, mine are rose gold but a matching colour of the web would be best!



Now all you have to do is go mental with it! The best thing about this is you can really streach it out so one pack goes a long way! I’d go for any corners, where spiders like to be, and then just go mad.

I shouldn’t need to mention this, but you will clearly need pumpkins…


I will always have some sort of food so I decided to add the webbing around the table. I loved how it turned out and would highly recommend you try it! Continue Reading

7 Vampie Lippies for Halloween |


I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that I’m  huge fan of Halloween. I used to have big Parties when I was younger and always love to do some bakes and have a girly movie night!

It’s a perfect time to crack out my more vampy shades that I’m mad for! I have seven options for you, one for each day of Halloween week. 

Some are better than other, but I LOVE the colour of each one and the wear or bleeding is a small price to pay in my eyes!

1. Revlon – Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Infatuation (675)

I love these Liquid Lippies, I think they will defo be featuring in my 2017 Ride or Dies. This is a deep wine colour, that I just can’t get enough of! It wears really well! It does bleed a bit, but most lippies do on me so it doesn’t bother me. The colour pay of is amazing and the lasting power is good. The best thing about these lippies are the feel on the lips. They are not drying and I never feel the need to chew my face off when I wear them. The price isn’t half bad either, coming in at £8.99. Hence why I love them!!



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