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Face Halo “cloth” is a game changer! You might remember from my new years resolutions I was keen to cut down on waste and be better for the environment.

My first port of call was cotton wool! I changed to the boots organic range which I was happy with but felt I was using so much of it!

Enter Annie with her fantastic skincare finds!

Annie, is a friend from my old job, who was very kind and got me a few ‘sorry your leaving’ gifts and in this delightful collection were the Face Halo. They were something I’d never heard of, but literally the perfect gift, thanks Annie!

Basically you add water and it wipes off all your makeup! Sounds too good to be true right… I thought to myself, they must be full of chemicals, I’ll have to replace them all the time, they won’t do what they say they can. Well how wrong I was!

They are great! You can use them with warm or cold water, but for me using cold water just didn’t feel right. So warm water it was. I just wiped it over my face like a cotton pad and watch the magic happen. They are so impressive. The best part is you are not using unnecessary chemicals of your skin AND after use you just pop them in the washing machine (with light colours… unfortunately one of mine is now grey 🙁 ) ready to reuse again and again. Continue Reading