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17 Resolutions for 2017 || MagpieMagpie


I always have a rule about the new year, for me it doesn’t start till payday! This year is no different. 

As it’s officially 2017 for me now I thought I’d share my new years resolutions. I was reading Two Humans Living’s blog post 17 Goals For 2017 and LOVED the idea so I decided to steal it!!

So here we go…

1. Study for my theory test… & pass first time!

I’ve done this bloody test many moons ago, but now its round two! I’m terrible at anything that even resembles a test. I break out in a sweat, my dyslexia just goes into over drive and I tend to go green and have to fight back the urge to vomit. I refuse to put myself through this more than once so I WILL pass it first time!!! ITry chill out a bit, nobody died because they sat down and had a conversation xxxx it’s like putting a match to a petrol bomb xxx
We’re out tonight and I’m at yoga tomorrow then out with Eileen for lunch that’s why I put a time as otherwise I’d never catch both of you xx WILL!!!!!

2. Get my full licence.

No point and just getting the theory test and not getting my licence. I will do this step until I pass and I will not be discouraged! I will NEVER tell you how many goes it takes, unless its one and then sure I’ll throw a fucking PARTY!!!

3. Finish my JET 2

Its no secret I did not enjoy doing JET 1, this was due to my horrible tutor. I have avoided it for as long as I can and this year I will at least start it!

4. Find an apartment and make it a home!

This one better be in progress by March and by June it had better be a put together home! I can’t wait to decorate and organise and grow plants and set up a new desk and everything that comes with moving into a new place. I hope we find something as close to perfect as possible and we stay there for many year!! 

5. Be more minimal.

I’ve very into the planet and recyling. I no longer want to be a part of the problem I want to be a part of the solution. I’m going to spend the next year getting rid of things I don’t need, use up all I have and only replace what I need. I want our new home to be bright, airy, easy to move around, and clutter free. I love shite so this one will actually be VERY difficult.

6. Choose a favourite song.

I recently did a post on getting to know me and one of the questions was what was my favourite song. I couldn’t pick one that really meant something to me. So this is a 2017 mission!

7. Be better at connecting with more bloggers and youtubers. 

I’m so bad at this. Long story short I need to be better, end of.

8.  Eat better.

I’m not a big fan of the word diet, only because of all the negativity attached to the word. I want to have a healthier diet. This should sound fine, but for some reason when I say this people think I’m going to starve myself. If you knew me you would LOL at the idea of this. That demands will power. I want regular meals, smaller portions, well balanced meals with a treat here and there.

9. Routine.

I crave routine. When i don’t have it my anxiety grows into a monster. I’ve struggled with this for over a year now and once we move, along with the decorating of the space, this is my top priority!! If I want to get everything done this 2017, and done well, routine is the only way to get it done. 

10. Blog and YouTube Routine.

This is in conjunction with number 9. I have a day I am meant to upload, but as of yet I have been struggling with it. I upload every Tuesday onto my YouTube and I used to upload onto my blog every Thursday, but we’ve enforced a no tech ban on Thursdays and my scheduling doesn’t work on my wordpress so Friday it is! 

11. Grow things.

I love fresh flowers! 100% when we have our own place I will have them everywhere (cheap ones thought coz I’m poor now!). I’ve never really had plants so last year I decided to start a cactus collection. I love them, they make my heart happy! I’ve decided I will have plants in every room, I will try to grow my own herbs and I need to try growing strawberries and chillies! And everything if I had space and time!   

12. Read More.

Even though I go on about my Dyslexia, it doesn’t mean I don’t like to read! I wouldn’t say I like a deep, heavy book, but I love reading cook books and at the moment I’m reading L’art de la SIMPLICITE How To Live More With Less. More books like this and just for fun. 

13. Sketch More.

I studied Fine Art Printmaking in College for 4 years and currently do nothing with it. One of our dreams is to own a house that is big enough to set up a studio space for me and Jarek. my skill level has dropped as I have not been doing enough sketching so I want to change that. I think in the summer when I have more time I might join a life drawing class.

14 Bake More.

I REALLY REALLY enjoy baking. It’s great for my anxiety and I love cake so its a win win! I plan on making my own baking / cooking bible that I can pass down through our family. I’m hoping to have it in a few sections, like everyday dinner and then something like tea party ideas. I’m not 100% sure yet, but I have all of 2017 to figure it out.

15. Gym at least 2 times a week.

Not only do I need this for fitness and health, but to just get out of the house and interact with others.

16. Less time spent online.

I know this one will be a difficult one, but over the past 10 months I have begun to hate my phone! So myself and Jarek have decided that every Thursday is no tech day so we read a book or chat and drink lots of tea! I’ve also decided that I won’t be bringing my phone to work anymore. I can’t have it on the shop floor anyway and my lunch is now time for relaxing and more often then not my phone only causes me agro. So no more!

17. Do more DIY.

I love me some DIY and I plan to do a lot of it when we move to our new place! Watch this space.


Welcome Back Giveaway


Hello my little Magpies,welcome back. How are we all??

I’m really good.

So good in fact I’m doing some giveaways.

2016 is going to be my year, to show this I’ve redone my blog, I’ll have a new post every Thursday and a new YouTube video every Tuesday. To win one all you need to do is subscribe to my blog. It won’t help your chances but pop over to my youtube and facebook and subscribe / like x.

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Hi all,

Are you following me on  instagram?? If so check out my giveaway!! Lots of great things that I love and couldn’t live without!! All details of how to enter and the closing date are on my instagram.


I’ve been Nominated for the Liebster Award!!!


Hi guys,

So if you can believe it, I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award, by the beauty that is Aine. You should check out the blog, she relatively new to the blogosphere but she is flying it! I actually couldn’t believe it… I was shocked, in a really good way. I’ve been struggling with my blog, and my life, the last month so it was great to get something positive thrown at me!


Here’s a bit about the Liebster Award for those of you who haven’t hear of it. Basically you have to link and follow the person that has nominated you, they will have questions for you to answer, in a post you have to answer the questions, then you nominate 11 others and come up with your own questions for them to answer. Aine’s were good so I might have to steal a few!!

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Getting ready for in to the west blogger network event in Galway.

I’m on my way into the city centre to catch the Go Bus to Galway for the In To The West Blogger Network event.
I really want to make the most of this experience so when orgonising myself to get ready for it I planned and planned! A couple of weeks in advance I started to think about what I was going to wear, I didn’t allow myself to buy any new clothes so it limited me and didn’t create stress. I chose two different outfits, I tried to choose something that showed my personality and that was conformable enough for the bus and walking around all day.
I always choose something I have worn recently or try every on in advance so I know I won’t freak out about how it fits or something. I tend to clean them, even if I know they are fresh just coz ok!
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