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Revolution Forever Flawless Decadent Palette || MagpieMagpie Blog


Hi Lovelies,

How are we all? I hope you’ve had a great week and an even better weekend!

Let’s talk eyeshadows! I LOVE me an eyeshadow palette. I’m obsessed! Of course I have too many (I feel a bit guilty about that but hey ho),  yet again I’ve bought another one and here I am to tell you all about it!

You might have seen from my stories that Jersey has its first Superdrug, and as of yet the novelty hasn’t worn off. One of the most attractive things about Superdrug is that it stocks MakeUp Revolution. I haven’t used much of their products so it was the perfect opportunity to get a few bits on “3 for 2” and try some out.

This post is all about the Forever Flawless Decadent Palette, which is right up my street! I’m an autumn girl and this summer hasn’t been great so I’m throwing myself into Autumn like never before. Why am I mentioning autumn so much you ask, coz this palette is autumn in a eyeshadow palette.

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New Years Resolutions 2019


Right… so… Let me start off by saying last year’s resolution didn’t go fantastic, but I did have a HUGE amount of change; and we all know I’m not great with change! 2018 was the year of change (mostly positive) so I struggled quite a bit, but I’m so keen on 2019 being the year I really get back on track! 

I’m gonna link last year’s resolutions HERE a number of them will be the same, but sure hey ho. We might as well start the New Blog Year (my new year starts in Feb) in the traditional way.


I’ve been saying I’m getting my licence for YEARS now, but my focus this year is to do the theory test… test, a few times and then apply to for the second learners permit. Once that’s all done I’ll book in some lessons and the test and try my best to “GET IT DONE”.


I don’t think people put enough emphasis on this. Friendship is a choice, so why choose people who bring you down. I used to be very trusting and open, but over the years I’ve made changes to protect myself more. I’ve become a bit more closed off and to be honest it’s better for me. I can still be an open book, but I don’t give 100% anymore. It won’t be the right choice for everyone, but for me, at this time in my life it’s best.


I’ve been working hard to make our “house” a home. It’s obviously a home but, I want not just any home, a home to be proud of, a home that is organised and a pleasure to come home to. Currently I have so much shit without a real place that it’s become a bit overwhelming. I will have a place for everything and everything will be in its place, that is my goal for 2019. I’m really getting there with being more organised and  I’m sooo pleased with my progress, the Spark Joy movement really speaks to me so I’m gonna try get Jarek on board and we’ll Marie Kondo the flat! 

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My Pandora Ring Collection ||


I’m fit to scream!! Not only have I been trying to write this post for about 2 / 3 months now but now my stupid blog has decided it doesn’t wanna play ball! Thankfully it’s all sorted now!

Anyway, lets finally talk about these fecking rings…


When it comes to jewellery, rings are my downfall! I think thats why I love stacking rings so much. I can have multiple rings on at once and its expectable!

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now I love me some pandora! And my previous post was all about “My Pandora Charm Bracelet Collection” Over the years I’ve acquired many so here’s a look at my Pandora ones.


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Five Red Lippies you need this Christmas season


Hi Loves, sorry this is so late and that I’ve been a bit MIA. Life has really knocked me for six so I’ve been struggling a bit. But it’s here, better late than never hopefully xo

A bold statement lip has become one of my staples, but a red lip can still be daunting even for me. That being said I think it can take your look to another level and is a must have for anyone who loves make-up. 

I have a lippie for everyone in this line up. From the novice to the pro, bargain to blow out. I’ve kept it classic and went for that “Christmas” red, but do keep in mind that these are what I’ve chosen for me. Meaning they suit my skin tone, hair colouring and style, they may not work for everyone. 

I’ve also decided to throw in matching nail varnish. I love matchy matchy so if I can match my lippie and my nails, I’m all over it!

 1. Revlon



Link to Nail Varnish and Lippie.

2. YSL


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Reasons Festival Lookbook || NewLook


We don’t often see fashion on my blog, but its time for a change. 

I’m heading to Reasons Music Festival next month and I really wanna go all out! I’ve been dabbling in the whole festival make-up side of things, but I thought on the blog I’d throw up a bit of festival fashion. 

There are not many places to shop here in Jersey so I decided to pick my go to when in a pinch, NewLook. The NewLook here isn’t huge, but it gets the job done! Also you can get things delivered to your door or pick up in store so thats why I chose to do my full three looks all NewLook.

Look One:

I fell in love with this cut out body and the rest just feel into place! I thought a pop of colour would be quite cool and these red shorts are so not something I would pick but I’ve been told red suits me so I couldn’t resist. I loved this shade of red and you can’t beat distressed denim.

Next up was the belt. I love belts, and this one just brings the whole look together with it having that pale blue shade that helps marry in the denim jacket. As we know in the Uk and Ireland outerwear is essential! This distressed mid tone denim jacket not only looks great, but is practical (I know what a dirty word).

Boots for me are nesessity, I wear them more then runner and for me they are what I’ll be reaching for. These ones have that great studded and buckle detail that I just can’t seem to get enough of all year round. Another practical item is the backpack. I’ve become very fond of these little beauties and for a festival is a must, especially if like me you’ll be vlogging the event. 

Jewellery wise I just fell in love with this star necklace and then just added some thin gold bracelets and this cool chunky bracelet, to “edge” it up a bit, and our look is complete.



Look Two:

This look is a bit more me. I’m a huge fan of light denim shorts and when I saw these ones with the lace I said “yep, those are for me”!

Oddly enough I only have two bodies in my collection, but i just find them so comfortable and easy, I think thats why I’ve chosen them for the festival. Both mine open at the bottom, hopefully these do too, ha ha, otherwise well be in trouble when we need the loo!! I like my shoulders, but not my arms so this style of body is perfect for me.

Have to add another belt in, this one is that western style which I love on others, but not sure for me…

I’m not sure I’ll be getting a new “leather” jacket, but if I was to get one I’d be all over this one! Love Love Love it!!! That embroidered detail is to die for.

Again boots are a must, these are sure cool and have a real timeless edgy look, I’m defo gonna try these on next time I’m in newLook if they have them. 

And last but not least, accessorise. I tried to pick up the colours from the jacket with this pop of red backpack, smaller then the other one, but still a good size! And if i can get some stars in I will! Loved these simple star studs! And this choker just finishes off the outfit!



Look Three:

Look three is for the girly ladies, still has a bit of edge of course but is a bit more put together and pretty.

A play suit might not be the most practical, but its a no brainer if you want a simple put together look. This one with the cut out detail would look so good dressed down or dressed up.

As I was going for a bit more of a girly look with this one so I thought feck it lets go all out! I saw this coral/peach “leather” jacket and thought oooo so not me but Fun, so i added it! Of course once I saw this super cute rose gold backpack that HAD to go with an outfit so that was added too. The boots and hat give it that bohemian sorta look that looks great at festivals (not to mention the practicality of the hat if it rains). As I had so much going on with the hat and boots I didn’t want to go o.t.t with the other accessorise so I went with a layered bracelet and cuff earring.



I hope this blog post gives you a bit of insight into my style. I’ve been struggling since I moved here to Jersey with my weight and therefore my style so over the next while you might see some more post like this, and maybe in 2018 you might see some more haul try ons on my youtube and look books here on my blog.

If you liked this post and what me to do more like it let me know. Sarah xo.