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As my acne has come back with a vengeance I need some products that can combat the redness. I have always shied away from these kind of products, but years ago I went on a beauty course and the teacher suggested colour correcting products, the rest is history.

Colour correcting primer is this posts subject of choice. I love primers, I love colour correcting, put the two together and I’m a happy bunny. Catrice prime and fine anti-red base primer is one said product. It comes in a sleek squeeze tube of 30ml, not exactly luxurious but I like it as you can get every last bit of the product out. The tube itself is a similar colour to the product inside with a black lid. The bottle size is great as you can bring it in your hand luggage and because of the squeeze tube its light.


The product is very runny, not like any primer I’ve used before. This is not necessarily a good or bad thing it’s more just an observation. I think because of how runny it is it makes the product very light weight. The product is also very green, I know it would have to be but it still shocked me how green it was when I first went to use it.


I used about a pea sized amount all over the face. I have used it with a foundation brush and my hands, both work well it just depends on the coverage you want. If I use my hands I might go back in with more product to really hide the very red sections.

It’s hard to say how I feel about this product, it does cover redness and even outs skin tone but I think I couldn’t get past just how runny it was. I think if the formula was mattifying and slightly less runny I would have been in love with it but, alas this is not the case.


I would 100% recommend this product and I would probably buy it again but I will also still search for that magic combo I’m looking for. I think if it minimized the appearance of pores it would be my holy grail.

Hope you enjoyed the post and would love to hear your thought

MagpieMagpie xo

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