Celtic Candles Lip Balm


This is the most beautiful lip balm you will ever use!! It was featured in my January/February Favs video and like everything I’ve been using it for months, and love love love it!! I only have one flavour! I hope to try them all but I try not to get too many as I couldn’t possibly use them all and then it just feels like a waist! Ye know. The one I chose was mint and chocolate of course! I’m a huge fan of chocolate so when it’s in products I’m all over it!


My original attractions to this brand was their candles! My friend Juls got me one for Christmas, I said it smelt like toilet… in my head that was a positive, I was more thinking like fancy hotel toilet that have fragrances pumping through them but I’m not sure that came across, awkward! Typical Schweppe. Anyway… Now I’m obsessed with the candles! I’ve had every fragrance in nearly every size. I think the quality is fantastic! The scents are really unusual and the fact they are organic is a dream!

The lip balm is no different. It has the feel of a high quality product for a very keen price of about €5. The packing is really cute, with a reusable tin that is really easy to open and close. The fragrance is AMAZING, with this one anyway, you can really smell both the chocolate and the mint. I can handle really strong smells so bare that in mind. What’s a super powerful smell to me might not be to most.

The texture of the product is a bit different to that of vaseline shall we say, but I really like it, its more of a solid so I tend to scrape a bit out on my nail as opposed to rubbing my figure about in the tin, yuk! The lip balm is organic with natural beeswax and melissa oil. As I said already the one I have is gently scented with chocolate and mint. Melissa oil is said to have antibacterial agents which is probably why I found it so amazing during the winter blues! Saying that though it was my go to lip balm in Portugal, perhaps they could do it with SPF? Then we’d be laughing! And last but not least… Best of all you’ll be supporting an Irish company!


They have a shop out in the Baldoyle industrial estate, I haven’t been yet but only because I don’t want to torture myself.

Have you tried any Celtic Candle products?? Next on my list is the hand cream!

MagpieMagpie xx



  • Reply james stewart (celtic candles md!) 24/04/2015 at 6:34 pm

    Hi Magpie Magpie,

    Thanks for the review, just wanted to let you know that we have recently discontinued the hand cream. Although we have a full range of home and beauty bits, lots of which are available on our website.
    Hope to hear further positive reviews…!! 🙂

    • Reply MagpieMagpie 13/05/2015 at 3:14 pm

      Can’t wait to get a few bits next time I’m home! I’ll have a suitcase full!!
      Any chance you deliver to Jersey UK!
      Glad you enjoyed my post. Keep saying I’ll do one on the candles, I must do it. LOVE them.
      Sarah xx

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