Cocoa Brown Tan


It’s finally happening!!! For over a year I’ve been saying I’m going to start doing tan reviews, I have yet to do about a 1 hour self tan! Today it is happening!!

I’m a HUGE fan on tan, I’m blue I’m so white so I love love love a bronze glow! I wear tan almost every day so its cray cray that I have not reviewed any yet. The tan I’ve been favouring for a long time has to be Cocoa Brown tan! I’m sure everyone and their mother has spoken about it but I’ve finally decided to throw my two cents in!


Before applying tan I shower, exfoliate and shave. I try to make sure all the previous tan is off before retanning as personally I think it gives a better look over all. Once I’m dry I just crack on! Sometimes I moisturise my knees, elbows, ankles and hands but that doesn’t often happen… I use a cocoa brown tan to apply and start at my arms. I just pump out a good amount onto the mitt and evenly distribute.


I usually avoid my elbows until I’ve used up most of the product on the mitt then I apply what’s left to my elbows. I just carry on like that until I am all filled in! I usually have to look in a mirror so I can see what I’m doing. When it comes to my back I pump a decent amount of the tan on the mitt then sort of like squash the product into the mitt turn the mitt to the back of my hand and then just go bananas… it works for me!!

I usually wait 10mins or longer if I can then get dressed for bed, I find the less clothes you wear the better and not giving a crap about the state of your sheets is a must (I find that bit hard). I like to let the tan marinade!! It doesn’t often happen but as of late as I am out of my routine I sometimes miss a patch and don’t usually notice till the next day but its easily rectified, just remember less is more!! I’ll shower then fix/fill in. I do as the bottle says and rinse; I don’t use shower gel.

I didn’t really wanna do any body photos as I’m not very body confident at the moment but I randomly forgot to do a hand so I’ve taken a photo of that so you can see the difference!

VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W

As you can see it’s given me an amazing golden bronzed colour, the odd thing about this tan is that it seems to give me an almost true to life tan… I tend to go this kinda colour when I tan naturally. Odd but in a good way.

It wears off really well for me, but only if I gently exfoliate with a pom pom and moisturise after every shower! This way it usually lasts me about 3-4 days. I always fully remove the tan before reapplying! I think you can like layer it up but I just don’t like to do that.

This tan is a HUGE make-up bag staple for me, the last time I went home I bought three bottles in Penny (Primark to the rest of the world) and I already had two bottles here. I do plan on trying out a few more tans but when you have found the one you can’t live without it’s hard to try out other stuff ye know.

Let me know your thought, what tan are you loving?

MagpieMagpie xx


  • Reply Aoife 27/06/2016 at 5:53 pm

    Totally agree with you. Best tan I’ve tried. It’s all in the preparation though!

    • Reply MagpieMagpie 30/06/2016 at 8:06 pm

      Yes you are totally right!! If I don’t exfoliate or moisturise my knees, elbows and armpit crease as odd as that sounds, its never good. I’m currently trying out the rimmel mousse, have you tried it?

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