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Hello my little Magpies, 

I know its been a couple of weeks but I’ve been really busy with my JET course, not to mention Paddy’s and my birthday. I hope to be a bit more on it over the next month. I love to watch other youtubers and read others blogs, mostly beauty. Sometimes I notice a few of my faves talking about the same stuff and sure if my faves are talking about it I tend to feel the need to try it. The Collection Concealer is one such product. Collection is not a brand I would typically reach for but as cheap make-up goes Jersey is very limited so I find I’m trying more brands that I wouldn’t typically. Anywho…


Some use it all over , meaning for under eye, highlight, and blemishes but, I only use it to cover my under eye dark circles and a highlight because I use my ride or die Catrice camouflage cream. I never used to have to use under-eye concealer until I hit 25 and my life became rather stressful, not to mention my anxiety. I started out testing the water with concealers I had for blemishes which of course didn’t work. I’ve tried out loads of different one but for some reason haven’t blogged about many of them but, I think I’ve finally got the hang of it all now (meaning life) well I’m getting there. I think its always going to be shakey but as long as we all know that we’re on the same page, anyway as always I’m waffling so back to the product.


It’s a really heavy looking cream when you first look at it but, on the skin it actually blends in really well. It’s a nice silky feel, doesn’t smell funky and has a good range of colours (well I think it does.). I apply it with the applicator provided and use my finger to blend. I’ve tried it with brushes and the real techniques sponge but I’m just more comfortable with using my figure. 

Image of applications 

Once on the skin it very nice, doesn’t cause me any break outs and does the job really. It is a little thicker then I would usually like but not so much that it should turn me off the product. It’s really odd because even though it does the job there is just something I don’t like about, I have no idea what it is there is just something that makes me say I wouldn’t purchase it again. I think the combo of the cheap packaging, maybe its just because of the packaging or maybe not but I think the product itself seems cheap. I don’t know I could waffle on here for another while trying to figure out what is it but the moral of the story is that it just doesn’t excite me. I would suggest trying it even if it’s just to eliminate it from further purchasing. 

As I’m still in the market let me know what you’re trying out!

MagpieMagpie xo

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