Colorista spray turquoise – L’Oréal Paris || Festival Edition


As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I’m heading to Reasons To Be Cheerful at the end of the month. I’m sure you’ll also know that I’m SOOOOO excited! I’m in full on festival mode now.

I’ve a good bit up already and over the next couple of weeks I’ve more coming up so keep an eye out on my instagram! That tends to be where I promote everything the most!

Today I’m SUPER excited to chat about L’Oréal Colourista spray.

I’ve actually always wanted to have something cool like a full head of pink hair, but the company (and actually most companies) I work for won’t allow it, so when I saw these I was ALL over that.

I’ve been looking out for hair ideas for a while and I knew I wanted colour (and glitter of course). I’ve seen loads, but one blogger I trust (and want to be) Victoria from In The Frow has a few videos up using these and recommended them so I thought I’d bite the bullet and give them a go.


To my surprise these were accessible to me! I wandered down to the large Boots in St Helier and was pleased to find they not only had them, but they even had a good stock of colours.

I decided to go full on MagpieMagpie Colour and got the turquoise and mint. I was a bit dubious as Victorias hair is Very light and mine is well, not. The can has a pic of the product on both light and dark hair so I knew they would work, but wasn’t sure how well.



I was excited about the fact they were a spray, I thought the colour pay off would be better then the regular chalks and less hassle. I also thought Jarek might help me if he could essentially graffiti my head.

I thought the price point of £6.99 was quite good, and I liked the packaging too. The cap is a decent quality so the “spray” comes out well. They are a 75ml can which I think is a good size, not only for the price, but if like me you have long hair I’d say you would get at least two full heads or of the can! Something I really like aesthetically was that what ever colour was in the bottle was on the top of the lip and the main colour of the can, something super silly but these are the kinds of things that make me pick up a product!

They are also super handy to keep in my backpack (thats what I’m bringing to the festival) if I decided I needed a top up of colour. 

I’m soooo impressed with these products! I still couldn’t believe how well it came out in the hair and how easy it was to apply. You will defo need an old towel and if possible I’d suggest doing it outside if your doing what I did. I wore my dressing gown as pertection which worked well  and the product did wash out but a towel would be easier and safer!!

One of the best things about this product is that they only last for the day so by Monday morning I’ll be ready for work, and it’ll be like I never had the colour in there. It was really easy to wash out too, like it took a while coz I had sooo much product on my hair, but for light coloured hair you’ll be laughing! I chose to use a cheap shampoo to get the colour out and then shampooed and conditioned as normal! 

I’m now even thinking of getting the purple! I’ll add in some pics from Reasons when / if I get some xo

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