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Some of you may not know, but one of the reasons I started my blog (other than an outlet for my anxiety) was my love of jewellery. I have a real obsession with it. I just love everything about it. One day i hope to design my own jewellery range, but for the moment I’m happy buying some beautiful pieces from other companies.

Years ago when I lived in London i work in a small boutique that sold clothing and jewellery. I was fine at selling the clothes, but had a real gift at selling the jewellery! It was in this shop I first laid my eyes on Daisy London. As time went on I kept my eye on the brand, I was never really fussed about getting anything until they brought out their Chakra range. I was actually a bit miffed when it came out because at the time I was making my own range of chakra necklaces. Their design was completely different to mine of course, and much nicer so hence my annoyance. 


It’s now many moons later and I have finally treated myself to one. I follow most of the brands I like on social media, often they announce if they are going to be having a sale of when they have a promotion on, this is when I jumped at the chance. Its terrible really, ever since I set up that fucking pay pal account I haven’t saved a penny. any way…

I spent AGES deciding on what one to get and finally decided on the sterling silver throat chakra. I chose this one as it is the chakra that is most effected my my anxiety. I struggled for so many year with wanting to speak my mind but being to afraid to. So much so that I made myself sick. Over the years, with the help of counseling, I found my voice and have seen a big improvement in my quality of life because of it. I chose the throat chakra to help remind me of how much I’ve grown. 





This is another reason why I love jewellery. For me a lot of my jewellery marks a special time in my life, or sometimes even a bad one. Good or bad they can represent something special in my life.   

I had a great experience shopping with DaisyLondon.com. It was quick, easy and they deliver to Jersey Channel Islands. What more can you ask for! I adore the package too. Even the box they posted the package in was lovely. They had the Daisy London bag with box inside. Inside the box was a small pouch that the bracelet was carefully placed inside and under that was the Chakra information sheet. For me its not only about the gift its about the packaging too and Daisy London have ticked all my boxes. I will definitely be shopping with them again.

I’d love to hear your stories behind your jewellery purchases! Leave me a comment below.

MagpieMagpie xo

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