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Hi Lovelies, sorry I haven’t been on here in a while. I hope you’ve all been keeping well and that 2018 is being good to you. x 

This week its all about my winter skincare essentials. I hope you enjoy x

Skincare is a big part of my life but more often than not I don’t spend a huge amount on it.

However over the past few years there are some skincare items that I’m more than happy to spend the money on. Here are my top five!

1. Clarins Hand Cream 

I love this stuff all year round, but when the winter time comes my hands are in much need of moisture. I’ve used a number of hand creams over the years but this has to be my tried and tested. It is expensive, BUT it is a large tube and a little goes a long way! I tend to use about a pea (or smarties) sized amount each time, an almond size amount if I’ve had a cleaning frenzy! I’m not super keen on strong smelling hand creams as sometimes it can bring on a migraine, so this one is perfect for me! It has a slight scent, but its more like a “natural” cream scent. It absorbs really well, doesn’t leave a residue, and leaves my hands super moisturised and soft! It claims to also help with age spots and strengthen nails, I can’t vouch for these claims so I’ll leave it here.



This hand cream for me is the one to beat so if there is a hand cream you love, let me know in the comments below. I’m always on the hunt for new products!  

2. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

Again I use this all year round but with all the air conditioning and the cold air my lips are begging for it. I use lipstick during the day,  but by the time I get home my lips are in desperate need of some hydration.

I find that by the time bed time comes around I need to apply.       ADD MORE HERE



3. Clarins foot cream 

I’ve only used this foot cream to be honest so I’ve nothing to compare it to. For year I didn’t need foot cream, but over the past two to three years it has become more and more apparent I need it! I also have a growing obsession with sling-backs nowadays that it’s a necessity!

I tend to put this on after a shower before bed and just massage a good amount of it into my feet pop on some snuggly socks and job done! Like the hand cream, it has a scent, but its a bit more “natural”.



What foot cream do you use and how? I’m thinking once summer time rolls around I’ll be keen to try out some new ones that smell like summer time.   

4. Ted Baker body moisturiser.

I’m not mad on body butters and stuff but I keep getting them as gifts and I’m determined to use them all. The one I’ve been using over the past few months has been the Ted Baker Blush Pink Body Soufflé.  


It’s not my ride or die but my skin is enjoying it. And around winter time my skin NEEDS it.

5. Superfacialist oil

I LOVE oils, I was quite afraid of them for a long time, but once I started I couldn’t stop! They are amazing, and as I’m on an acne treatment my skin gets so dry so this is a god send. My fav of the lot and the one , for me , that feels most luxurious has to be the Superfacialist one! I ADORE this brand and would HIGHLY recommend all of their product! They are great quality, at affordable prices, great selection for all skin types and cruelty free!

I use my oil once a week after a good pamper session. I have a full review going into more detail if you are interested, do check it out!



I realise most of this of this is Clarins and I wish I could say this post was sponsored but alas no, I just like and trust it. I am disappointed it isn’t cruelty free though. 

It’s only over the past two year that I have started changing up my skincare depending on the season, but I would recommend it for sure! What are your Ride Or Die Winter Skincare Must Haves? Let me know in the comments below. 

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