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I’ve really got into Palettes over the past while! Don’t get me wrong I still like singles, but I think for me palettes is the way forward. Over the past year I’ve been using, and loving, the Barry M Get Up & Glow Bronzer, Blusher & Highlighter Palette.


Like most palettes you will use, there will be things you will use more than others, sorry to tell you but that’s just how it goes with things like this. I’ve hit the pan in three sections and the other two look untouched to be honest.


The palette is made up of a very light weight cardboard with five pans set it. Not the most luxe, but fine in my opinion.

If you’re like me and often carry around the kitchen sink this can be a plus as its super light and compact. Also might be a good one to consider for the jet setters among you! Once you open it, inside you have five sections, a larger section for bronzer, and four equal sized sections for blusher and highlight. Three of these being blusher, and one of those being highlight. There’s also a large mirror, its not great quality, but fine if you’re just touching up. Smell wise its not great, doesn’t smell of much really other then cardboard.




As you can see I shied away from the brighter blush and mainly used the very light pastel pink shade. I did use the others a bit but more often than not I tended to mix them with the lighter shade to soften them out.

The colour options are nice, just not for me. I tend to go for more of a mauve type shade or really soft peachy pinks, these are just a bit too bright for me nowadays. The bronzer and highlight got the most use, although I will mention that tapping off and dabbing off excess product is essential with this palette as the powder is quite a chalky  and the pigmentation is high. It’s easy to blend it you take this step, otherwise it could be a bit tricky.

Overall I enjoyed the palette and would recommend it if you are looking for something that does what is says on the tin and is cheap and cheerful. If I had my way and the palette could be remade I think I would have the bronzer and highlight in the big size and just offer two blusher option. 

Click HERE is you want to see the rest of my video.



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