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Here are my five top tips that I find help with my travel anxiety. When I stick to them I have a nice easy trip with minimal stress. If I don’t I can assure you something always goes wrong and I kick myself! So new life rule, follow my own tried and tested advice.

  1. Where possible I always check-in the night before, or 24hours if I can.

If you haven’t tried them already, I’d highly recommend the airline apps. You can pretty much do whatever you need to on there, check-in, book flights, add a bag. I always download the app of whoever I’m going to be flying with, log in, check in, and screen shot the boarding pass (just incase) and that’s it, one less stress!! 

     2. Plan Plan Plan.

I can’t go on a trip if I’ve nothing organised. Unless the whole idea is to do nothing, ie just lie at the pool. But, I don’t tend to do too many of those types of holidays.

I like to get the guide books out, research and really plan a trip out. Where we wanna go, what we wanna see, the usual stuff but I need it all mapped out so I have a clear idea. For me there is nothing worse then wasted time. Something to note when planning: I try to be quite realistic with my planning, if its a place I’ve never been before the likelihood of us getting lost is high so if someone tell you it’ll take an hour, give yourself an hour and a half. 

Another thing that I find so important, but don’t heed my own advice, is to plan getting there and coming home before you even think about the rest of the trip. Do it first and get it out of the way, otherwise you’ll probably get distracted and forget about it. Speaking from experience this is NOT a good idea!

     3. Only Travel With Hand Luggage.

 This one may see like the worst idea in the world for some of you but once you’ve done it a few times you won’t ever go back!!

I get really anxious at the thought of my stuff going missing and think about it the whole journey. Mapping out where it went wrong, what I couldn’t possibly live with out for the few days bla bla bla. I literally drive myself crazy! So where possible I only bring one small bag with the essentials! I choose my outfits very carefully, only pick pieces I LOVE wearing and try to stick to denims and things I can mix and match with.

I’ve also got my cosmetics down to a tee, so if you want any tips on that let me know in the comments below. As I’m sure you know by now, I wear a full face of make-up every day so I can tell you I pack a fair bit in. 

     4. Have a packing check list.

I bring quite a few of the same things away with me every time, so naturally I had lists. It has now morphed into a bit of a bigger deal and I now have a checklist for different types of holiday. My advice is start the list before you even think about holidays. I started noting down what I used everyday, which ones I enjoyed using most.   

     5. ALWAYS have a spare powerbank. 

If you are going to be using your phone as a phone and your tickets, not to mention as a camera and what ever else. You can bet your ass you will need a powerbank. I have two cheap ones I purchased at New Look that do the job, but it might be best to invest in something with a bit more bang for your buck. 

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