June Birthstone: Pearl


Pearl(s) is the birthstone for June. I love giving and receiving jewellery as a gift and as you may have noticed I adore gem stone and crystals, so birthstones are always a winner with me.

All that being said, Pearls are a fantastic thing to invest in no matter what the occasion. Whether its for a special occasion, a special birthday gift, your wedding day or even just a lux treat. They are a winner. They don’t necessarily hold their value, but as a piece to pass down to the next generation (as long as you look after them well) they are a beautiful choice.


There are many different types of pearls: Akoya, Baroque, Freshwater, South Sea and Tahitian. I’m not going to try and sway your opinion. I LOOOVE tahitian (dark in colour) pearls, but they are not for everyone, not only because of the colour, but depending on the colour shade they can be very rare, so more often than not they are more expensive. The price of pearls depends on a number of variants: Nacre, Luster, Surface, Shape, Color and Size. I can go into this in MASSIVE detail in another post if you would like. Just let me know down in the comments!

All pearls are beautiful, so deciding on what fits your needs depends on a a few things. We also wana be realistic about our purchases! Things to consider are price, availability, and size. These can be difficult to admit, but lets not torture ourself. Be honest with yourselves, and where compromises need to be made, make then. Most jewellers are happy to go through prices, just be honest that you have no idea regarding prices. They should take out a selection. Often they will explain what each item is and the price. It can be a good idea to give your price range as pearls can vary from €/£200 – thousands. 


In short I can say the priority should be a personal one. You can do some research online, but this can be a bad idea as other people are pushing their own opinions on you. You need to remember you are the one who will be wearing them, only your opinion matters!! Pop into a few different shops in your area, ask to see a selection. They should be happy to help! Seeing, touching and trying on can really help you in your decision on what type of pearls you are after. Pearls definitely need to be tried, the feel on the skin is second to none and this can be a massive deciding factor. Most places will not let you try on earrings or bring then back for hygiene reasons so that good to bear in mind too.

Below are a few options of some gifts no matter what the budget.

Would love to hear whet your favourite is. xo

1. Juvi Irish Jewellery Designer 



 2. Chupi Irish Jewellery Designer:



 3. Fields Jewellers




4. Jersey Pearl (Jersey Channel Islands Based Jewellery Company)




5. Schoeffel sold at Appleby Jewellers Dublin & Hettich Jewellers Jersey CI 


6. Mikimotto available at Weir and Sons Jewellers Dublin 



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