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So I just spent the last 30mins writing a grand oul post on fecking Kota Artisan Candels and of course the laptop decides to save fucking none of it! So here we go for round two.

I love candles, this might be obvious from my youtube videos as I usually have a couple dotted about the place. When I’m feeing anxious I love just cleaning my room, putting on a lovely candle and just breathing in the calming scent of my choice (& occasionally Jareks choice). I’ve become more aware of the different types and quality of candles. Basically I’d like to avoid breathing in crap as much as possible. There are lots of great Irish candles companies, my fav is Celtic Candles, that I miss and I always try and stock up when I go home, but sometimes it’s just more hassle than it’s worth. The moment that pushed me over the edge was when I came home one evening after work to find Jarek had almost used up my fav candle. I was using it very sparingly, and sure enough  I came home after a hard days work to find it was almost gone. Lets just say I was not a happy bunny.

Lets go back a bit though and talk about when I first laid eyes on Kota Candles. It was a day like any other… ha ha no I joke. I was on lunch and went to the little Saturday market and happened to come across the stand. I didn’t have much time so I didn’t really get to stick my nose in any, but I liked the packaging and how pretty the petal ones were. Anyway… fast forward about a month or so and while myself and Jarek where out at one of the many summer “festivals” Jersey has to offer. There was a Kota stand so I demanded some candles. 



There were some lovely scents to choose from, but straight away I decided “My Love” was the one for me! MY LOVE: Floral & deep for him or her, romantic aroma for all the home. Velvety blend of oudh, rose, geranium, praline and jasmine lifted with clove. I had a really hard time choosing the second scent, Jarek seemed to really like ROSE ELLE: Rich & luxurious, a feminine scent for the rose lover, beautiful in bedrooms and living rooms. Musky rose and sumptuous notes of East Indian sandalwood and intoxicating amber, but I just wasn’t into it. He was no help really so I ended up just going for that one. (He now says he isn’t sure he even fucking likes it now, but anyway, that’s just him all over. I say black, he says white! Little shit!!)



My Love and Rose Ella are two candles in the range that have rose petals. I love this! It look so plush! Kota candle are blended from fair trade and sustainable soy wax. This is great as it makes the candle more natural and therefore less toxic, they burn longer, they burn cleaner, this is great as it won’t produce as much black soot, and its said that the scent of a soy candle is much stronger. Kota use premium grade fragrance and pure essential oils which are hand-poured with cotton or wood wicks. There are also different packaging. I got two in the tins, they came in silver and gold. If they did rose gold I would have gotten that, but as of yet they don’t. I got one in silver and one in gold coz they had run out of stock in the gold.

 The aroma is just amazing! Very subtle and fill the whole room. My sense of smell is really sensitive so I usually have to be really careful about what I surround myself with. One wrong move and I give myself a migraine. Both of the scents that I’ve chosen don’t aggravated. They burn really nice, as of yet there have been no black. I’ll keep you updated on the other scents, I’m addicted now so I’ll defo be getting more! Have you tried them? Leave me a comment below telling me your fav scent. 🙂  

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