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Hi Guys,

So I decided to add a few more bits of info into this post as I felt like I rushed it a bit and put a bit too much pressure on myself as I was doing a jewellery review so it didn’t flow as well as usual.

I have a ball coming up soon (It was a great night) and really wanted some statement jewellery to wear not only on the night but something that I would reach for time and time again. I scoured the internet and kept coming back to Lauryn Rose. They are an Irish Jewellery company who sell online.


I had a hard time choosing what jewellery to get as I love LOADS of the pieces but I kept coming back to one ring that I knew I would wear again and again. As a matter of fact I’d been lusting after that ring since I first laid eyes on the website, I kept thinking to myself that one or two other “sets” might have been a better match for my dress as it was navy but, I just couldn’t shake the WANT for that ring. So long story short I added the ring to my basket. My dress had long sleeve and a high neck so a ring was the instant choice. I adore big chunky knuckle duster rings so this one was right up my street. I also love to match my jewellery, well actually I love to match everything if I’m being honest but at this stage I’m sure you know that. ha ha. So of course I searched for the matching earrings, I’m not usually a huge fan of a drop earring as I think it usually gets lost in my hair (I have funny ears so I NEVER wear my hair up on a night out) but as these were really chunky I thought I could get away with it, and I just loved them so I wanted to make it work. I found the perfect match and added them to the basket. The ring was €69 and the earrings were €99, which I thought was a really good keen price for the fact that its sterling silver, with rose gold plating and set with stones. At the time it happened to be around Mother’s Day so there was a discount code. I follow a lot of jewellery designers on social media which I find great as they usually promote discount codes on there so there’s a little tip for ye! I think I got maybe 20% off, so I was happy out!


The “set” I chose was from the Distinct Collection, I call it a “set” because they match, but everything on the site is sold separately. There is a pendent that matches, but with the neckline of my dress there is no need for it. Maybe at a later stage I might get it, but for the moment I’m happy enough with my earrings and ring. They are really nicely made, with the metal being 925 sterling silver that is plated with 18ct rose gold and set with stones. If you don’t know by now I’m obsessed with rose gold (like if you don’t know that by now I’m sorry but you need to be reading my blog more and checking out my other social media!!!). It will come as no surprise that Rose Gold is an expensive metal and if it’s set with stone they will most likely be precious. I’d love to say I could be dripping it that type of price point, but i work at a jewellers I don’t own it so my pocket isn’t as deep as I seem to think it is. I think Lauryn Rose has found a great gap in the market. Its great when you can get something beautifully designed at a keen price with a luxury feel. 

One of the extra things to note about this company is that they donate 10% of their profits to Laura Lynn Children’s Hospital which is a great cause! 

Now onto my favourite bit about buying jewellery, of anything for that matter. The packaging!!!! It’s one of the most important things, I think, when buying or giving a gift. Take note family and friends! It can make or break a gift. Crap packaging can really cheapen the gift, and in the same instance it can make a gift look more expensive.  Anyway, long story short, in my opinion, its just as important as the actual gift.

Lets talk first about how my package arrived. It was AMAZING!! Even the postman was impressed, I had to pick it up from the office and they were all swooning over it. The customer behind me got a shitty brown packet and kept looking and my pretty package with envy. It is the prettiest package you will ever receive. I think I would eat my hat if you could protest, but if you have received a package that is cuter, I need to know about!! I don’t care what you got I need to get another package like this in the post. Its a lovely black outer box with their logo on it and a very pretty red bow. Its packaging heaven. <3 


I do need to note that as I ordered two items they sent them (at the same time), but in two different parcels. If you have ever used the postal system you will know how unreliable it is, so of course mine came at different times. Anywho that’s neither here nor there.

Next up is the box in the package. Oh but I forgot to mention that when I opened the outer box my package they had put flower petals on the top which I thought was a really sweet ides. Super lovely and I’m stealing that! The box in a box was a very classic design, nice cream colour with a slight pear essence with their logo in silver, steal grey sides, and grey ribbon with the logo. Very smart look and nicely made. The best bit was the ribbon. A gift is not complete without some ribbon. Again friends and family take note!!!! Once opened it had the logo on the inside and a grey cushion where my ring was place (the other one obviously had the earrings). The box is very deep, I suppose depending on how high set the ring is the either use the space or not. I was thinking after to save on postage they could have actually put the both of my items in the one but, knowing me if they did that I would have given out about it. Hard to please yea I know I get told all day every day… shut it! Oddly enough they forgot to send the earring backs with the earrings but I just contacted them on twitter ( I contact everyone on there) and they posted them out straight away.



I had a great experience with Lauryn Rose and even though I was meant to be keeping them for the ball I have worn them a couple of times over my birthday, which you probably saw on my instagram and snapchat (magpiemagpieirl). I got a number of compliments which is great coz no one ever notices when I’m wearing something new or nice so I was chuffed. I reach from them more and more because of that. They are so my style and I think at some stage I might get the pendent that matches. 

 I will for sure be purchasing from them again!

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