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Hello my little Magpies,

As you may have noticed I’ve become a small bit obsessed with lip products. So much so that I finally treated myself to some high end ones.

Where I live (Jersey CI) there is a department store called De Gruchy who, at the time, had a YSL stand. I was pottering about the make-up department and spotted a crowd around the “discount” table. Sure I had to pop over and have a nosey.

What I found was a delight! YSL make-up on discount, eeee. I was a very excited and a bit overwhelmed. Like all discount areas it was messy, well no that’s not 100% true, it was organised as much as a discount table could be. Anyway I’m getting off topic. There was lots of make-up and skincare, at the time I didn’t realise, but they were going through some changes and were actually in the process of getting rid of the YSL concession.

Long story short I picked up a number of items. I was super keen to get a one of the Rouge Volupté Shine. I had no idea what colour I wanted, but I walked away with 47 Beige Blouse. I thought I’d seen Anna Secona mention this one so I blindly bought it!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted YSL things. They are just so lux in my eyes, so I decided the discounted prices couldn’t be missed! I was also going through a bit of a tough time so shopping seemed to be the answer. I just couldn’t stop myself, if it seemed like a good deal, I was getting it!


Over time I’ve built up quite a collection. Palettes, lippies, nail varnish and skincare. I think let’s start with nail varnish. I’ ve got some very unique ones I have to say.

I love the colours they bring out but I think if I’m buying any full price I think I’ll stick with really wearable colours like reds and browns. I would also consider investing in the top coat as the one I have transfers a lot.



I’m not sure if you’ll remeber but I was mad about a Catrice pressed powder that was colour correcting, so when I saw YSL had something similar in their limited edition range and it was on sale in FeelUnquie I snapped it up. I use it as a top up pressed powder on nights out. Its a perfect fit for my handbag and it just looks so pretty that when I use it it makes me happy.



The packaging on the lippies are my favourite. I’ve gotten a few now, all on sale of course, and I love love love them. They look amazing, smell amazing and are lovely to wear! They aren’t the most long lasting but this can be forgiven as its so nice to take that beautiful packaging out for all to see.




YSL concealer is a cult classic and a must have in every makeup bag in my opinion. I love when they bring out limited edition packaging. And yes you guessed it, I got this on sale. I really liked this slogan edition, I thought it was such a cleaver marketing idea. 


My final product is my most loved. I bought it completely blindly as I had no idea what the product was but it was down from £80 to £10. I thought to myself it’ll probably be the only time you’ll actually try some of their skincare so get it while it’s cheap. I do kind of regret it now coz I don’t think I can live without it.



My skin LOVES this serum like nothing else. I have no idea what is in it or how it works but it clears up my blemishes, blurs imperfections and just make my skin go from dull to radiant OVERNIGHT. Yes you read that… over night. 

I never spend this kinda mula on anything bit I swear I will be getting one bottle of this a year and using it sparingly. I have the largest size but I’m thinking I’ll have to downsize when repurchasing.

I’d love to hear what your favourite YSL product is! I’m keen that try the new foundation. I got a sample but the shade wasn’t right so.

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