Mango PayDay Wish List | Work Edition


I never really do fashion stuff on here, or wish lists for that matter. I adore fashion, but wasn’t sure anyone would be interested in my style. And as for the wish lists I never really saw the point of them and to be honest thought they would just be torture. Mainly because my wish lists are ridiculously unachievable, anyway I was over on JustMyLook blog and she does posts like this and I found myself enjoying them. So after taking like a million screenshots from the Mango website I said sure fuck it lets do a wishlist post!

Mango is one of my favourite places to get work clothes, I do get casual clothes too, but as I spend most of my life in work I just tend to gravitate towards the work wear. Our uniform requires us to wear a suit and for me the fit and styles of mango suits are just perfect for me!

Navy is one of my favourite colours to wear so it’ll be no surprise that I have two dark navy work suits already. I tend to play it safe with my work wear, but as of two weeks ago I decided to branch out and of course my first stop was Mango! We have a shop in shop here in Jersey, but it’s closing down soon so I went straight online. 

First up is this suit that I can not wait to own! I saw it and was like Yaaaaaasssssss!! It’s very similar to the fit of my other suit, which I love, but has a bit of an edge with the little dots. I think it’ll look so classy with a crisp white shrit and my dark grey pearls.


Next up is shoes. You cant do to work in a smart suit and then let your shoes let you down. These particular ones are black so I  wouldn’t be wearing them with navy suits, but they will go with my other suits and they look so cute and classy so they had to be added to the wishlist!! I love the cross over detail and they don’t look to high which is great as I tend to stand all day. I tend to gravitate more towards a court style as for me I just like the look better. I have size 6 feet so they aren’t small and this style of shoe does make them look mahusive, but i like the look and I’m tall so I think I can get away with it. The heel doesn’t look too high either. My knee is rather bandy so I don’t tend to wear this style all day everyday in work. We do however do events so these would be perfect!


You can’t beat a white shirt! I have a number of them, but I never wear them to work, they are more for casual wear. A couple of weeks ago I did wear one to work and I really liked the look. Only problem was the buttons. I tuck my shits into my skirt or trousers and how the buttons sat drove me up the wall all day. I was totally preoccupied by it. So when I came across this I though “perfect”!!

It has that classic white shirt look, with that twist that I’m all about, but it was a blouse so no buttons or lining to get in the way and drive me to insanity. Theres two things I love about this blouse. The black piping and the pussy-bow. Like the shoes i think this bit of detail makes it look so classy!


As Autumn is on its way… OK so I know summer isn’t over, but autumn is my fav so when I saw this coat I nearly wet myself with excitement! I have a coat from Savida that I adore and have been looking for an updated version “for like forever” (said in an over exaggerated American accent). I’ve had the other one for many many years and even though it’s still in great nick, I think it’s time to get an updated one. This Military style coat was made for me!! It’s navy, its double breasted, and it has piping. I love that the pipping is red, it just adds a little something and makes it look a bit more expensive. I’ve put this in the “work wear” edition as this would be the coat I’d reach for all day everyday in the autumn if I had it.


 Last on the hit list is something every “business” woman needs. A cute bag! I’ve been trying desperately to move into a smaller bag, I tend to carry around the kitchen sink with me so I’ve been finding it very difficult, but I think this is the bag that can change me. I NEEEED it in my life. I was of course attracted to this one because of the Leopard print, I love it, I know its seen as tacky and all that, but I loves me a bita tack! The next thing I liked was the designer look. It has that Chloe Faye bag look which I’m all about. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford or justify spending that much money on a bag, especially taking in to consideration the fact that as of yet I would have no use for a small bag except for nights out.


Leave me a comment below letting me know what you think of this type of post. I have to say even though I thought I wouldn’t like doing this post at all, I loved it! I’d gladly do one of these every couple of months. Not saying I’ll actually be able to afford all this stuff, but they are all on the wish list now so you never know… 

 Till next week my fellow Magpies.

Sarah xo

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