Me, Myself, and Anxiety



Hi guys,
So this video has been up on my YouTube channel for a while but I’m only getting around to putting it up on my blog now. No real reason other then there has been a lot going on and at the moment rime management is not my forte.
As you may or may not know, I suffer from anxiety and sometime when its very bad the depression can set in. This year I’m planning on tackling me as whole. I feel if I could sort out the anxiety a lot of other problems I have would fall away. This is a big thing though and anxitey has been a huge part of my life for many year so it wont be easy and I might not be ready to let it go…
I want to share my story as I find it helpful writing everything down and who knows maybe my journey will help others. The idea is to do one of these at the end of each month.
MagpieMagpie xx

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