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Simple is a brand I go back to time and time again. Its odd because it’s not my favourite skincare, but if I’m in a pinch it’s the one I always go back to as it never fails me.

I’ve been using their micellar water on and off for a while now, so I thought it was about time I told you guys what I think of it! As we all know I love me a good micellar water, and as I’m keen on simple, I was keen to try this one. 

Simple are known for being “sensitive skin experts”, it states it on their packaging, which is great for me and my skin can be very temperamental. 

The packaging stays true to the Simple look, I like that is has this kind of sand blasted look. It makes it stand out from the crowd a bit.

The bottle is a good size(200ml) and the price isn’t too bad either, coming it at £4.94. Boots often do deals on it too, so I always try to keep an eye out! 


Like with all Simple products, there is not much of a smell. It has a hint of something, but not that artificial smell you can get with some skincare. I know strange because there are so many things that make me want to love this product, but I can’t say it’s going to be one for the Ride Or Die pile.

I find I go through it so much quicker than any other Micellar Water, which is so disappointing. It’s not bad at removing my makeup, but I needed to use a lot more of it which meant I went through my beloved Lidl cotton wool too (sad face).


Long story short, I would recommend this product. But perhaps only to those who don’t wear that much make up. I will purchase it again I’m sure, but I’m afraid it hasn’t made my Ride Or Die list.

Whats your favourite cleanser? I’d love to hear about it, leave a comment below.

Till next week, 

Sarah xo




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