My life at the moment.


Ok so I’m going start by saying I’m not going bother talking to much about work because there is just no point and its too upsetting and aggravation at the moment… But once I get this sorted I’ll fill you all in.

Other then that everything is going quite well. As I’m sure you’ve seen from my twitter and facebook I’m organising a Charity Quiz in aid of Suicide or Survive. I’m really excited about it, its something that is very close to my heart and as I do counselling every week for me this charity is the most relevant as it helps to breaking down the stigma associated with mental health issues. I hope to do the same with my blog. I’ve been busy busy getting spot prizes and Jarek helped me design an amazing poster so it’s all go with that. I’m focusing all my energy on this at the moment and I have to say it came at a great time as I really need a distraction from everything.

I keep torturing myself about my diet and the fact I haven’t been to the gym in ages but I think I need this time to sort out my job situation, I actually can’t relax at all at the moment and feel constantly anxious. After the Quiz I’ll sit down and have a look at my finances and see how it is and how much I’ll have to budget.

My diet is ok, I haven’t gone mad but I really wanted to go organic and go the hole hog with the Low GI but at the moment its not an option, I need to be motivated and be organised and right now I am not. I’m thinking of calling this my research phase, I feel like that makes me feel better about it.

I know I’m living my life, but I can’t wait to start the life I know I deserve. Which will hopefully be soon.

Ok that’s all for now, hopefully next time I’ll be much more upbeat.



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