My Pandora Collection #1 – The Charm Bracelet


As you may know, I love Jewellery! No surprise there I’d say.

Over the next while I hope to incorporate this into my blog more and more! I have done a few posts in the past, but I hope to talk you through my collection over the coming months.

This week’s post is all about my Pandora charm bracelet collection. I plan on doing my ring and earring collection too, some will be longer than others. This week’s is VERY long, but hopefully an interesting read. So grab a cup of tea or coffee (and a biscuit or two) and enjoy!


I love Pandora. I think it’s a great brand and a great concept!

I love charm bracelets so when this new concept came out I was all over it! I actually started my Jewellery career in Pandora so I got the brain washing ( ha ha ), and the discount! Over the years I’ve created a beautiful collection that I’m really happy with. I do intent to add more of the Pandora Rose over the next while though.

Before we start, I will say that Pandora often discontinues items so what I have might not be available any longer. You might be able to get some of them in the discount stores, but I couldn’t be sure! Ok Let’s start!


I have an oxidised sterling silver snake style, which I think I have in a 19cm length. The current length is 19.4cm, but over time this can stretch if wearing consistently. I have mine full to the brim and even have extra charms that I swap in and out. Someday I hope create a second bracelet and I think this post will help me decide exactly what I want.

Clips ( they go over the two “bolt” section of the bracelet) for me those are the best things to get first. That way it’s done and you don’t need to worry about your bracelet stretching on one side or whatever. Currently I’ve got a really pretty round ball clip with a star in CZeds and a very boring plain one that I NEED to update. I thinking to a Pandora Rose one.

I then have an assortment of charms. I’ll just chat through what I have on my bracelet currently.



Clip safety chain. I bought this in the Pandora sale and got it for a bargin! It’s sterling silver and 14ct gold in a flower design that is heavily oxidised. These are not a necessity but I loved the look and it made me more comfortable wearing my bracelet, so for me it was a must.

I then have a heart cut out charm that has tiny CZ set in. I really liked this one! I got it to symbolise my relationship with Jarek.     

Next up is a wooden bead charm. I know these won’t be everyones cup of tea but I really liked these, I thought they looked so cool with the contrast of silver and I loved how you can see the grain of the wood. 


Jarek bought me this next one! I of course did ask him to get me a charm one Christmas and to my surprise he came back with a sterling silver and gold cup cake. It was on my wish list for ages so I was super happy when I opened it! I don’t give him enough credit, he is very good and does know me well!

Next up is one that I wish I never got! The suitcase. For me it symbolises the plans I had that went to shite! I will defo be taking it off and keeping it for the future! After I have visited at least three places on my hit list!!


So next up is a bit of an odd one! A birthstone one… why is this odd you ask? Coz it’s not my birthstone. Amethyst is the birthstone for February, my birthday is in March. Ok so let me explain! I am a true believer in the healing powers of stones so here is a little blurb I stole from google that might explain it better : ” Amethyst has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and Chakra balancing. Amethyst crystal therapies are primarily associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, the curing of nightmares and insomnia, and balancing the crown chakra. “

For me this next one was a must! The Love, Hope & Faith charm was one of the first charms I decided I had to have. It not only reminds me to pursue all of the above but, often it can also remind me that I have some amazing people in my life that feel this was about me! I am LOVED, I give HOPE, and my friends and family have FAITH in my hopes and dream for my future!

So far we’ve only chatted about the “old” collection, but this next charm is one of the new Pandora Rose collection. I got this when I did some training with work and felt I’d done really well and was proud of myself! I decided I needed something to mark the achievement and what better way then getting some “rose gold”. I love this charm, it comes in sterling silver and I have always liked it, so when I saw it in Pandora Rose I was all over it. I bought it at Gatwick at a keener price FYI.

Another old one now. Again I’m sure I got this in a Pandora sale at a bargain price. I can’t remember if I got Jarek to get this for me or if I got it myself, but either way it symbolises our love (vom ha ha) its the cube I <3 you charm in sterling silver and 14ct yellow gold. 


Ok so another odd one! Just like before I have another birthstone one, that isn’t actually my birthstone. Peridot is one of my favourite stones. I know its not the most attractive, but again this one is all about the healing properties! Here’s another blurb : It is particularly beneficial for overcoming fear, depression and other psychological disturbances, as well as releasing jealousies, resentment and spite in order to move forward. Peridot promotes responsibility and forgiveness, instilling confidence in ones own abilities and re-establishing a sense of self-worth. A powerful generator of the frequency of increase, this lovely talisman may be utilized to manifest abundance in all areas of ones life: wealth, health, happiness and love.”

Pandora Rose charm again. This is one of my favourites. I have no connection to it, I just really like how it looks. I’m keen to get another one of this style to even out my bracelet! I know the spacers are not really seen as a “proper” charm, but I really like them! I think they can give your bracelet a whole different look for little money. And if like me you’d like to have seasonal bracelets, it can be perfect!

The camera charm, I said I’d upgrade this when I hit 1000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. I’m going nowhere fast with that so I’ll be waiting some time for that one. Anyway, back to the one I actually have! Plain sterling silver one. I bought this as at the time I had just started my YouTube channel and have always loved photography so it seemed like a no brainer.

One of my favourite charms is up next. The little chicken one. This was one of the first charms Jarek gave me. He calls me Kurczaczek so when we saw this charms I had to have it. I like this one the best because every time I see it makes me smile. For me that’s what jewellery is all about. Memories! 

Another wooden bead that matches the other side. I really like trying to even out my bracelet so it looks quite symmetrical. I just like the look of it better!

Followed by my zodiac sign charm. I’m a Pisces! I’m not in love with this charm but, I am keen on zodiac so at the time I felt it was a must have for my bracelet!


Really hope you enjoyed this post! I know it was super long, but hopefully you enjoyed it and got a better idea of my Pandora Jewellery style!

If you have a Pandora bracelet I’d love to know what your favourite charm is! Leave a comment below.

Till next week.

Sarah xo 


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