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I’m fit to scream!! Not only have I been trying to write this post for about 2 / 3 months now but now my stupid blog has decided it doesn’t wanna play ball! Thankfully it’s all sorted now!

Anyway, lets finally talk about these fecking rings…


When it comes to jewellery, rings are my downfall! I think thats why I love stacking rings so much. I can have multiple rings on at once and its expectable!

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now I love me some pandora! And my previous post was all about “My Pandora Charm Bracelet Collection” Over the years I’ve acquired many so here’s a look at my Pandora ones.



I mostly have silver but I’m keen to get more Pandora Rose ones too. Like on my bracelet you’ll see I have two birthstone rings. These are in Peridot and Amethyst, neither are my birthstone but I really like the healing properties of stone so these were my top picks. I really like these rings but for me I think two is enough of this style.




Before the time of Rose Gold being a big deal, silver was my jam. Yellow gold doesn’t really suit me and the Pandora rings were 14ct yellow gold and I didn’t like gold enough to spend the mula so I stuck with silver. I think now they have plated gold but not sure if they have rings.

The stack of three I tend to wear the most are, of course, discontinued now but they bring out new and updated ones every season that you are sure to be able to make a similar look if for some mad reason you are sooo keen on it that you NEED it!

My favourite thing about stacking rings is that you can mix and match with different brands, metals, styles, the options are endless.

I’d love to see some pics of your favourite ring stack. Tag me on your images instagram!!

Till next time my lovelies.

Sarah xo




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    I love that this starts with, ‘now let’s talk about these fecking rings’ XD

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      I Love that you have FINALLY messaged me on here!!!

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