New MAC Mini Lipsticks


Ok… Round two on writing this blog post! I need to stop blindly relying on the internet connection, So annoying.

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, I’m obsessed with minis! I’m not really sure why to be honest, but it’s something that I’ve always gravitated to. I just think they are so cute, and of course so convenient.

Make-up wise I think it’s such a great way to try new products without the commitment! So when I saw on instagram that MAC would be bringing out minis lipsticks, I was rather excited! Purhaps a bit too excited! 

My local MAC stockist is Voisons Department store, their MAC counter has their own instagram account so I pretty much spent a week checking it at every spare moment. Once they popped up I ran down on my break to get myself FAUX. 

Unfortunately I hadn’t really thought about the fact that they probably would do EVERY single mac lippie in a mini, but I was quite confident that FAUX would be one of the chosen ones. Well… I was wrong!

I can’t lie, I was a bit miffed and I’m sure my face showed it! But I had the pleasure of being helped by the lovely Sandra (her Instagram is @vintagebellavitta). She’s always great and super helpful! So of course I walked out with two new mini lippies.


I got myself TWIG and was “talked into” SIN. By talked into I mean she pretty much just swatched it on her hand and I was like gimmie! It took a lot of arm twisting ha ha. 

I was drawn to TWIG because of the colour, it’s got that “my lips but better” kinda colour, if you get me. I’m also SUPER keen on the satin MAC lippies, so when you can get the colour you like in the finish you like, eh winning!


SIN is more of a Autumn colour but I couldn’t resist. Like with most of the deep berry shades I tend to choose, this is a matte finish. Not the most comfortable to wear, but perfect if you want a deep even colour that will last a bit longer. I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it from October onwards. 


The finish on the minis isn’t amazing, I didn’t realise but the metal but in the center of the lipstick isn’t actually metal in the minis, it’s just the black plastic painted. This ends up rubbing off and doesn’t look great. Other than that they are super cute, and I’d definitely recommend them. I’m keen to try out one or two more and will send out that positive energy that they will bring out FAUX in a mini. Ha ha!

Till next week.

Sarah  xo


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